Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why the World Hates Me, But Why God Loves Me

Why the world hates me:

After wearing a new pair of contacts for only one day, I ripped the one for my right eye. And my right eye is so sightless that I act like a blind drunkard when not wearing the proper eyewear. Blind drunkard it is, then, because I can’t afford more contacts.

My doctor is out of town during, like, the only time I freaking really, really need him. It’s an emergencia. Jerk.

On Monday it was 78 degrees. Tuesday it snowed.

My cat took a giant dookie inches from her litterbox. Why?

Husband confiscated my scale before I could use it, but after Whitney did. Boo, you whore!

Agent Mulder is certifiably dying. His windshield wipers went retard on me in the middle of a raging blizzard while I was on the freeway. Yes, the freeway! I ended up putting my hazards on and crawled along at like 15 MPH, all the while cursing Pep Boys and The Weather for royally screwing me over.

I felt like crying yesterday morning when I saw that Wicked Weather had frozen and killed all the spring flowers. I also cry when people crush ant holes, or pull the legs off of insects that would otherwise terrify me. I wish I weren’t so awfully sensitive, it’s SUCH. A. BURDEN.

Why God loves me:

He gave me the most amazing set of parents and family and husband who’s like, a rockstar, and a slew of the most amazing friends ever. Any one of them would go to the ends of the earth for me, or at the very least drink a big ‘ol can of pork soda if it meant saving my life. Or whatever. Point is, I’m so grateful and blessed for all of you.

He allowed some inspired, ambitious soul to start the website As you can tell, this is my new favorite website.

I’ve been given the opportunity to teach in Relief Society. I know, I know, I never thought I’d ever actually be grateful for a teaching calling, but I’m so happy to share my thoughts and feelings and spirit. It feels good to believe that I can offer something meaningful and good and right again in my life, instead of just feeling like I’m wasted space.

He’s given me the courage and the fortitude to finally pursue recovery, instead of just collapsing and waiting for it to find me. Way to give me courage! Love you, God. Props, yo.

Have a great day, all!


aLana said...

[i heart you, that's all.]

Shannon said...

You are just too friggin cute.

And no, I am not hitting on you.

Although it kind of sounded like I did.

Ok, there may have been a little hitting...tee hee ho ho

heather said...

Oh Brie....God loves the MOST imperfect people. So, as I see it, be as imperfect as possible and He'll love ya even MORE. :)

You know I'm just kidding...well, about some of it. He really DOES love imperfect people though...that's for dang sure. About the only thing I think I'm sure of, about God, at this point!

Megan said...

"I am a sacred vessel, ok? All you have in your stomach is taco bell. I can't believe some saps cry at this stuff"

it's me, t said...

sorry, the comment that says megan is actually mine, i'm on my friends computer and didn't know i was logged in on her name.

"That's right, I don't take orders from you or any man!"

Whit said...

At least I got to use it first right :)

I sure do love you....enough to drink a pork soda is pushing it though. Just joking, you know that if it would keep you alive I would be all over that shit.

Love Ya,


Penny said...

Way to figure out the "point of life". Its always been our choice and we get to choose whether our hearts will be hardened or softened. I'm proud ofyou for deciding to stick around and enjoy the "ride". (don't you hate quotation marks?) Love Ya,

Penny said...
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Emily said...

Pork soda? Even though I'm a vegetarian, I'd drink it for you to save your life any day.