Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two Flats

This afternoon Cade and I rode Mrs. Peterson for several miles. We had such a blast riding to the park and looking at the "duts," (translation: ducks) and left only when two geese started chasing us, and Cade (okay it was really me) had a minor freak out.
Don't even get me started on my duck issues.
I was gone nearly an hour, far longer than my dietician's strict 15 minute only exercise rule (laaaaame).

But I got home, and Brandon noticed I had not one, but TWO flat tires. Wha-?! How did I flatten both my tires? I'm such a dumb broad. I've already killed Mrs. Peterson.


heather said...

Did the geese attack the tires? That would be a funny sight.

Abby said...

Aw, poor Mrs. Peterson--but she'll be fine. Personally, I refuse to learn about things like bicycle repair and maintenance (people are so hard-core about it that I just can't relate), so I won't even suggest that you nurse her back to health--have Brandon do it. Or better yet, have one of those bicycle shop people do it! We owe it to the environment to support their insane lifestyle of riding up steep hills on hot days wearing neon-yellow spandex shorts. Or something like that.

(This is the second time I'm trying to post this, so if it ends up on here twice... oops.)

aLana said...

oh! oh! i know the answer to this!!! alisa bought the boys a chariot so we can take them on runs and to the park and get exercise at the same time and chariot's are definitely not cheap but we kept getting flat tires! so we took it to the bike shop and the showed us that the inner tube that comes standard in bike tires is this super thin crappy rubber, but if you just replace it with a good quality road bike inner tube you will be good for at least a year! i say it's definitely worth the investment! where did you go around your house that had ducks? murray park?

The Cheese said...

Abbs - you made me laugh! I refuse too to learn anything mechanical and manly. Laaaaame.

Lana, thanks for the tip! I'm making Brandon buy new tire thingys this afternoon and nurse her back to health.

jana said...

You just rode her too hard.

(You've said you always enjoy a sex joke.)

The Cheese said...

Jana, you're my new best friend!! I love a good sex joke, but more importantly, I love someone who can tell one! I'm at work, and totally roaring! Thanks for making me laugh! :)

PS I'm assuming your name is pronounced Jane-a, and not jann-na, correct? I'm just wondering because I know someone who spelled their name like your's but went by Jann-na, so now I'm always unsure.

jana said...

Ha! I'm glad I made you laugh, especially at work!

I pronounce it Jan-na. Like banana. :)

Manda said...

Wow...2 flat tires...thats tough. Poor Mrs. Peterson...she will be made well I am sure.