Saturday, April 26, 2008

On Impolite Toddlers, Giant Bras, & Bowling Magnificence

So this afternoon Whit and I took Cade to Southtowne Mall so he could ride the carousel and we could escape the monotony of my house – it’s still too cold to go outdoors. We were just about getting ready to leave, and Whit and I were letting Cade play in a little indoor playland sorta thing. So I was sitting on the ground, playing with Wee Man, and this two year old with the most impressive mohawk/mullet thing I’ve ever seen came right up to me, sat back on his heels, and proceeded to unabashedly stare at my tube. At first I simply flashed my nervous smile and looked away, but the darn tike wouldn’t stop staring! Seriously. He was only two or three, so I guess I can’t get mad or anything, but I sure felt uncomf. Finally, I stared right back at him and made funny faces to get him to look away – I even tried to look menacing, all to no avail. After a little while, I sent a text to several of my friends and family as follows:

This two year old kid won’t stop staring at my tube. Is it wrong to punch a toddler?

To which I got the following replies, all which cheered me up immensely:

*From my husband: “Bryson and I both agree it is wrong but also think it is acceptable.”

*From my brother, Troy: “That kid is IN FOR IT.”

*From my sister, Amber: “When his mom isn’t looking, give him a mean face and scare him!”

*From Rachel: “No, totally do it and then run away!”

*From Mom: “Yeah, punching is okay just make sure no one sees!”

So it was pretty sweet. I love that most people I chill with have decent senses of humor, ya know?

And here is a LARGE bra I found at Walmart, and just thought it would make for a jolly Kodak moment. My mom took me grocery shopping and actually made me buy real food like meat and cheese and eggs and strawberries, as opposed to just fruit snacks and granola bars. I got bored in the Mexican food aisle and made her pose for the pic as punishment for making me endure her shopping expedition.

And lastly, here I am bowling with my ball, Cade’s Mama. She’s bright pink and amazing. I bowled a 138 yesterday, thank you very much.

Yay! A happy blog! FINALLY!


brydelle said...

Yay! Hang in there Brie! You know that you're doing the right thing, for you and for your family. But I'm glad you finally had a good day, and that you went on an awesome food expedition. I miss you, and let's make plans to hang out and play with Man Child next weekend. I can totally do it, and I'm going to. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I have been known to piss of parents at parks, the pool whatever while nannying. I am all for saying, " Go away" or "Didn't your parents teach you..." (This works best when parents are listening.) Hang in there. Tomorrow I write a blog for YOU.

Emily said...

What a rude toddler! I would have had urges to punch Mohawk Boy too.

You're a much better bowler than me. One time, I got a 6! No, that was not a typo. :)

I'm glad you had a pretty good day!

Emily said...

Oh, and that bra- AMAZING!

aLana said...

what a punk. you should have waited till his parents were there and looked him in the eyes and said "wanna play simon says? go starve yourself and you can get a tube up your nose too." i'm sure he would have been whisked away in record time! haha

it sounds like you had fun bowling/shopping/etc! hooray! sorry i couldn't meet you for lunch yesterday, i was signing the lease and getting the keys to my house right when you texted me!

be stokkkkedddd for our house warming party!!! :)

jana bananas said...

I'm waiting for a picture of you full on cheese-grinning with the tube. ;)

I'm so proud of you for doing this and for going out and living life. I think I'd be a total puss and be a hermit. Then again, I do have hermit tendencies.

The Cheese said...

Lana you made me laugh. Can you imagine anyone actually saying that? Seriously, I'd do it for, like, five bucks. You on?

Yay for a new place to chillax and call home. Give me the details for the housewarming party, k?

And Jana - Hells NO will I be smiling with a tube...yuck. It looks wrong, I've tried. :/ Plus, having a tube and actually smiling seems...well...contradictory...;)

Shannon said...

Nice bowling score. You're a stud! I bowled a 126 or something 2 days before I had Davin. I think there's something to be said about bowling when you're miserable. :)