Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mean Reds

Have you ever seen Breakfast At Tiffany's? I love that Audrey Hepburn's character says that she has the "mean reds" instead of the blues. Ever since I heard that, I've always used it. It just...fits, you know? So. The mean reds. I have 'em.

It's hard with this tube. I could go for paragraphs illustrating the physical woes I'm enduring, like sinus issues - no joke, I've gone through several boxes and packages of tissues - a sore throat, weight gain, etc. Not to freaking mention all the stares I get. Seriously, I'll see someone glance at me, then do a double take, then a triple, sometimes even a quadruple take, then they'll inevitably nudge whoever it is they're with, whisper in their ear, then that person will turn around and stare at me. It's getting old.

But I'm trying to hang in. I'm desperately trying to remember all the right reasons for doing this, instead of focusing on all the negative, but it sure gets tough. Meh. I think I'm going to go. Blogging isn't even helping, like it usually does. I think I need to come up with a good Behind Bars installment, that should cheer me up, no?

Hope everyone has a great day full of happy yellows. Or something.


KC Elaine said...

I'm hoping for a yellow day, but I have so much Latin to study it's not even funny. Non est bonum! Thanks for your comment. I'm having a rough week too, but I want to say I'm so sorry, and all those people who stare at you, in my roommate's words, can suck my wang, if I had one. I think it's smart that you're trying to remember the reasons you're doing this. You're in my thoughts...and I know you'll make it through, though you might be sick of hearing that.

jana bananas said...

People are curious creatures. They love the starin'. After my jaw surgery, I went out looking like I got the crap kicked out of me and people would look away, but as soon as I passed, they'd look back and stare. It's a little different, but you's just human nature. TRY not to let it upset you too much. Take some xanax. Eat some cake. :)

Emily said...

Those people who stare like that are total dillweeds, for lack of a better word. What, they've never seen somebody with an NG tube before? And even if they haven't... they're still jerks.

Tanya said...

Want me to come punch them? I had those too...when I had the tube and was going to school. I even went to the docs office and a lady sat there staring at I crouched behind my book making it a point that I was uncomfortable with her stare and when I looked up and she was still staring I made a point of putting the book over my face...she got the message that she was being rude...eventually. will get easier. They just are stupid people who can't seem to understand how it feels to get those stares. HUGS