Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Some, I Would Say...

To Marissa:

To Kyla:

To Rachel:

To Amber:
To Brett:

To Brooke:

To Emily and Jana:

To Mom:

To Heather:

To Brandon:

To Alana:
To Tracy:

To Whit:
To Dev and Katherine:

And finally, to all you dear readers, I would say:
I hope it's okay if I poked fun at some of you a bit. ;) I could sure use a laugh today, and this helped, for realsies. There were so many more I wanted to do for more of my readers, but geez. I've got other things to do!


Brooke said...

Yo crazy girl! I'm gettin' my shit together yo homie....peace out!

KC Elaine said...

Carpe diem was in my homework last night! love these

Devon said...

Ahem - hooray! lol - you crack me up as always

Emily said...

I wish we had gone to rehab together, Brie! :) I hope, though, that neither of us gets sick enough again for that to happen in the future.

jana bananas said...

Haha, those cards are hilarious!

Rehab huh? Well I suppose if I did have to go to rehab one day, it would be awesome to be there with you and Emily! Although I truly hope none of us have to go!

Maybe we should develop some drug habits or something?

Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

I didn't get a personal one? Gosh how rude!

Shannon said...

These are freakin hilarious! Where did you find them? I have to show Ian. Love it.

The Cheese said...

Laurie - I'm sorry you didn't get a personal card. :( But mostly, it's just because you're far too normal for the crazy shiz in most of these cards! ;)

Shannon - is where you can look at these and send them electronically, if you'd like.

aLana said...

oh wow, i know i was uber chipper on the phone but maybe i'm bi (polar!) because like an hour before i was ready to slit my wrists. well not slit my wrists, but i was definitely not being a happy little camper. oh well... but for real, i delighted in reading these! hooray for!!! love ya bitch!

rachel said...

Brie, I know that the card labeled "To Rachel" wasn't specifically to this Rachel, but I was just talking to James about how hard work has been lately, and then I read this post. Thanks!