Thursday, April 24, 2008


There's going to be a smattering of topics covered today. And mostly, I just wanted to type the word 'smattering.' Smattering, smattering, smattering. I likes it!

First of all, this is my man child:

And this is my woman child:

My sisters decided to dress up Wee One to be a girl. Ah, he as a she would be beautiful, wouldn't he?! Anyway, they sent me that via cell phone, and when I opened it up, I couldn't help cracking up.

On to the next little smattering on my smorgasbord (I like that word too):

I'm feeling better today. Last night I was ready to pull out the tube, call it quits on recovery, and hide in a giant black bag until I starved to death. Seriously. But with taking ibuprofen around the clock, and popping Xanax, I'm feeling better. I just had another "feeding," and the Xanax helps greatly - I jiggle my leg about a gazillion times a minute while Boost (aka FAT) is pumping into me, but with the really helps relax me.

What else? Not much. I'm excited this weekend to partake of Rachel's stunning personality, and am so excited she's visiting SLC. :) Not much else to look forward to...just getting this damn thing out.

Okay, troops, I'm out. Hope you're all having a good day. :)


jana bananas said...

Another good 's' word: shenanigans! That's currently one of my favorites.

jana bananas said...

Boost is not fat! Drill that into your noggin, missy.

Where is the pain -- is it your throat, or do you mean stomach pain? (Maybe both.) I only had a tube of sorts following surgery but my throat was so sore and I was just reminded of this thing in the back of my throat every time I swallowed. So, I imagine this is quite uncomfortable.

But...YAY for Xanax!

Whit said...

Okay, funny story....So, I went to read your blog and of course was looking at the pictures. I didn't even recognize Cade in the second picture for a few minutes. It wasn't until I kept reading that I caught on...I was just thinking it was your niece. I am around that kid a few times a week, what is my problem?

Anyway, I was happy to talk to you today and to hear that things are a little better. I am also really happy that you got your hands on some Xanax. As willing as I was to share my ativan, I like it a lot....almost more than you...j/k!

Hang in there and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Emily said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! See, Xanax is awesome! :) I have Ativan, and the stuff is just great. And at least they're giving you Boost instead of something like Jevity. I hear that's (the Jevity, not the Boost) particularly nasty. Jana's right- Boost is not fat. It may be freaky and scary (I know I hate the stuff), but it's not pure fat or anything like that. :) Love you!

jana bananas said...

Oh how I adore Ativan...

I just have to be careful with it because I have the potential to abuse it. Xanax is good too though. Xanax + Ativan was nice as well. ;)

Emily said...

On a side note, I have the potential to abuse the Ativan too. That's why my dose is so low- .5 mg twice a day. That's like... nothing. But it does help. :)

it's me, t said...

i've decided to name the female version of your man child. how about madison?

"but isn't that.... gay?"


heather said...

I too love that word...and it fits perfectly. And yes, Cade looks gorgeous, just like his mama, as a girl!

Savannah said...

I'm really happy to hear that you are feeling a little bit better :) Just remember that things are going to be getting a little better each day. You're in my prayers everyday, and I love you lots. Keep hangin' on...we are so proud :)

Savannah said...
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Emily said...

Hey Brie!
Your Cade makes a cute girl. I have done the same with Blakos. Cade is seriously the cutest boy I know, not that Blake isn't but yeah you know what I mean right?
You look good with your tube! You can pull anything off! I am glad you are feeling better.