Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been a Long ♥’s Weekend

I like watching TV, especially reality TV. But since Kendall died, I haven’t really done much watching, I’m not sure why. But for some reason this weekend I went on like a TV binge. It was disgusting! I mean, you know you’ve watched too much mindless television (but shut up It’s me or the Dog is seriously a GREAT watch) when you dream that the secret ingredient on Iron Chef on the Food Network is a, and I quote, “20 lb mild-mannered carnivore that eats her pubes,” aka

my cat.

Who does that? Who offers up their cat as the secret ingredient, even in their dreams?! And who actually refers to their cat as a “20 lb mild-mannered carnivore?" What am I? An 80 year old biologist?

I also went with The Husband to Nordy’s and bought a really expensive pair of Joe’s in quite the big(ger) pant size. My last post was about trusting my treatment team, yes? Well I sure as hell better trust them for the amount of money I spent on a really cute pair of BIG(ger) designer jeans! Haven’t bought that size in a long time. And mama’s a little scared. But they’re seriously so cute, mayhaps when I have more self to the esteem I’ll post a pic of them.

Do you ever have days or weekends or weeks or like months where you just feel gross and ugly? Yeah I’m totally in the gross and ugly stage, I think it’s while I’m getting used to my new bod. It’s like I’m going through puberty all over again – all I need is a copy of Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret?, a few more zits, and some white eyeliner, and I’d totally be all up in the puberty stage. IT’S FRIGHTENING.

Oh and this weekend I only showered once. I shat you not.

Also, this may be a little TMI, but one of my boobies is leaking.  Again.  The odds of this happening are supposed to be astronomical, yet it's happened to me twice.  Maybe my bony ribs are, like, popping them.  So yes.  I have to go under the knife again.  Because I am uneven and leaky. (Merry boobmas everyone, MERRY BOOBMAS EVERYONE!) and (Like my cartoon I drew?)

Brandon gave me a lovely Valentine surprise that was full of so much love, it probably caused 5-10 angles to get their wings! And, because it’s V’s Day, it always causes the male counterparts in our lives to think they can get a little handsy. But for all the love and gifts he showered upon me, I’ll let him get DOUBLE HANDSY! Love you hubs, you deserve it.

Hope you all had a great weekend. What were you up to?  Hetero ♥ to you all!


Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Glad you had a great Vday. :) Sorry about the sad boobies. :( Hope you can get 'em all fixed up soon. Congrats on the bigger pant size. That is an accomplishment. Embrace and celebrate it! Don't be scared! Think about it - being scared of a spectacular pair of Nordy's designer jeans that are an actual HEALTHY size? SILLY!!


Lou Lou said...

well done on the grat jeans in the healthier size!!!!!!!!!
im throwing all my small clothes away. i think thats me next step.
iv been mindless tv watching for a long time now, the best thing i watched was celeb rehab on the net thanks to u, xxxx
happy val day

t. said...

sorry about the booby issue. hopefully once you get it fixed, it'll be the last time you have to deal with that. and, yay for new jeans!

glad you had a great valentine's weekend.

Kara said...

I totally forgot for a second that you had boobie implants so I was really weirded out at first when I read it that you needed surgery for a leaky boob - but I get it now. Sucks for the leakage. Honestly, I feel like I just got a boob job because I had to go bra shopping (first time in a loooooooooooong time) and I jumped like 3 sizes. I'm in the doubles now - not cool.

Kara said...

PS - I'm such a TV whore that my roommates literally think they have to ask me to use the television. Definitely a sign of too much TV watchage, but hey, it keeps me sane.

Heather said...

Your cat is a such a sexy beast. There. I said it. If I were to ever make a cat pin-up calendar (which I may or may not totally be compelled to do someday), I would for reals put that minx straight on the front cover.

And I bet you look like a hottie with a naughty body in those new Joe's. Isn't Nordy's the best? LOVES!

Anonymous said...

ooh, new jeans! there's nothing like feeling good in a pair of hawt jeans :)

Katilexis said...

i had a shit vday.. i hate break ups.
but i just thought id let you know that a few nights ago i dreamt of Kendall.

just know she isn't forgotten.

Alexandra Rising said...

Your picture made me giggle. And the fact that multiple ANGLES got wings [Im picturing a little 90 degree angle flying away] ;)
Mike is obsessed with Iron Chef and he can send you any episode [Enlglish or Japanese] because he has downloaded ALL OF THEM. From fish flakes to asparagus to Fois Gras to bamboo to your cat. I'm just in it for the opening scene with the yellow pepper.
I feel like 93% of my life has been composed of that 'gross' feeling. I can't picture you EVER looking gross, ever! But I empathize with the feeling.

You. Are. Beautiful. And your super expensive designer jeans are probably tres sexy.

AlexandraTheSpy is following you on twitter. You should follow her back ;)