Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am.

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.  -Sylvia Plath

I am a mother.
I am a daughter.
I am silly.
I am beautiful.
I am a writer.
I am a wife.
I am loved.
I am recovering.
I am awesome at ping-pong.
I am an athlete.
I am a bad-ass seamstress.
I am kind.
I am a friend.
I am learning.
I am not perfect
--but that’s okay.
I am a voracious reader.
I am more than an eating disorder.
I am spontaneous.
I am worthy of life and food and love and of taking up space in this world.
I am touching people's lives through my blog
--and that's pretty cool.
I am
I am okay the way I am.
I am
--Really happy.


Ms. Jess said...


Will said...

I am emotional
I am irrational
I am loved even when I think I am unlovable.
I am thankful for my bad days...b/c I know that so many ppl are having even WORSE days.

Laur said...

love it!

alriggells said...

:), I am grateful for this post. Thank you :) <3

Alexandra Rising said...

I am...really delighted you wrote this :) It's gah-geous, simply gah-geous.
I love Sylvia Platt's poetry :)

brie said...

i know, alex, isn't that quote amazing?

i love her poetry too!

Brandon said...

Just made my whole day Brie! Actually it was made when I woke up and saw your hair today, hello! That shiz is hot! I am in love with that short list of things you are. I say short because you are just skimming the surface sweety. My list says I am lucky, and just points at your list to provide an explanation. I love your buns. Hope you keep having a great day. See you at the casa.

brie said...

oh honey. as always, i love your kind words. i am lucky too, to have you.

belinda said...


Stacy said...

I am happy you are happy.


Lindsay said...

I think you are AWESOME. :) That should be added to your list. And I'm glad you're happy.

Kerri said...

Love the post, love that quote.. And that husband of your is ridiculously cute with his posts as well. I am really glad you are feeling happy today! :)

Alexandra Rising said...

I wrote Platt! Oops! Plath. My grandfather knew her, too. I am embarrassed!
Regardless: beautiful writing.

dietcokefiend2 said...

I'm inspired to do a list like this for myself. Thanks Brie!!!

struggling20something said...

This is really awesome! I know that it is hard for me to think of the positive adjectives for myself, so its cool to read other people's.

bananas said...

It's funny Brandon -- as I was doing my hair this morning, I thought, "man, I wish I had Brie's hair. It's always so cute." (And hot.)

standing in the rain said...


"Julia" said...

Heck, yes! Happy Brie!
You're going to kick some serious E.D. butt, without a doubt. You already are.

Lou Lou said...

you are al of these things and much more!!!!!
im a bad ass mother who dusnt take no shit from no-one - cool runnings
your very inspiring, and you really help so mnay people with your bloggy style.
um kellys book only just came out. it rocks man, i think ull like it. i hope libraries have it already, id send it to ya but postage from nz is a crazy ass scam of all scams.

Courtney said...

You are...awesome! And I agree, I think this list is just the beginning. I'm glad you're starting to see what others have seen for so long.

tawny said...

Ohhh I really loved this post Brie.


and oh so true.

Glad you are happy today. xo

*thanks for your kind words, it MEANT a lot to me. xo

Kerri said...

Completely off topic-- but did you hear about Jillan Michaels being sued for false advertising for her 'diet supplement"? I saw it today and thought of you and how you said you didn't like how she was selling all those products. Link:

brie said...

kerri - oh no! i don't want jillian to get sued! i HATE that she's advertising diet products, but i'm still sad she's getting sued. :(

Kerri said...

Well, I think it is kind of stupid, because do people really still believe that stuff works?? I am sure the woman who bought it knew the truth, but smelled opportunity, you know? Anyway, it's Jillian- I am sure it won't be too big of a deal. At least I hope so. And speaking of Biggest Loser-- yay for Melissa being gone! I couldn't stand her after the earlier episodes. :)

Katilexis said...

Brie, I love you :)
and OH MY GOD, i so wish you had posted more of your book because i am DYING to read more! its brilliant :)
im glad your happy today, i hope it stays that way.

Penny said...

Each "I Am" is real and true. I am Happy today too now because of you

Brett and Lisa said...

Ah I love your blog! And you write everything so well!

brie said...

obama is NOT cute; he's manorexic!!