Sunday, February 14, 2010

"If we both hadn't just eaten mexican, I'd totally french you right now."

Quoeth Husband to your's truly, on this lovely of all V Days.


And may you, unlike Girlfriend here, have a great day and NOT accuse your husband of cheating on you because he "smells like another woman," only to realize that he smells like the peach car freshener he used when washing and detailing your car as a surprise, not to mention the plethora of Diet Cokes and Synyder's of Hanover Pounder Pretzels and netbook accessories he had waiting for you in your front seat, and aaaawwww, so sweet the card he wrote...
deep breath

I'm smitten.  I really think this is love.  :)


Gena said...

YOU are one lucky woman. You truly are. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

tawny said...


so cute Brandon.

clean car, diet cokes, and pretzels.

the best.

Happy Vday sis! xo

Cammy said...

Sometimes I wish blogs had "like" buttons, Facebook-style, I'd definitely use that for this post! So glad you had an awesome day with your Mexican/peach smelling husband. ;)