Monday, February 8, 2010

I am an Island.


HopefullyGrowing said...

*hugs love*

Kerri said...

Brie, I saw the post and I just want to say, even though I don't know exactly what happened, that there will ALWAYS be jerks out there. But there are also a lot of wonderful people who would be understanding, accepting, and just be there for you. And you can't find those people without passing a few of the other type. Don't miss out on some great people just to avoid the jerks okay? I know you have been through heaps of not fun stuff, but there are people out there that you don't even know personally, like myself, that DO care how things are for you and what you are going through. I just don't want you to let the crappy experiences take away all the potential good ones. Lots of cheesy interwebs (((hugs))) and just know I am thinking about you.

Cammy said...

Hey babe,
Sent you an e-mail right after I read the ghost post, and anything I say here will just rehash that message. But one thing to add: it's ok to take a step back to process things and just focus on Brie, to work through things without putting it out for the public. Sometimes that's for the best. But please don't feel like taking a break means having to lock others out if you need them.
Much, much <3 for you.

Eating Alone said...

I missed the ghost post, but I do know about hiding in a book. It's ok, I still remeber you. Still remember Kendall too. Everyone needs down time sometimes, it's ok! You are doing the right thing by taking care of yourself.


Snuggle with your kid, or your cat. Remember that you are important and loved.

Heck I'm 42 and I went over and gave my momma a big hug yesterday. I just needed a hug and momma was the best. You need to be there to give hugs even when your old.

tracy said...

i didn't see the post that everyone seems to know about, but i am really, really sorry someone was mean to you. i don't always leave a message because you have tons and tons of followers, but i do follow your blog (and keep thinking it would be funny if it said "Come, Follow Brie") and keep hoping you are doing well.
i also know well the feeling of wanting to isolate with a good book.
Be well, Hugs to you and Kendall

Will said...

If we didn't have the worlds suckiest days...we wouldn't be able to appreciate the really good days.
This too shall pass....

Kara said...

I missed the Ghost Post too, but whatever it was, I'm glad you were brave enough to post it if even juts for a little while.

I understand the need to isolate - I'm kinda going through that phase right now. I think it's healthy to a point, but often times (ahem, me especially) go over board with it.

So happy hibernation, but don't take it too far. Take care. XOXOXO

Sairs said...

I often feel like isolating too, but I know it makes me worse. I just wanted to let you know that I hope you're okay. Some people really suck, but you can't let them win! They don't deserve that. Thinking of you!

belinda said...

taking time out for you is fine, just be aware of the isolation. sometimes it can become a bit of a trap. thinking of you.

lisalisa said...

oh sorry hun!
We all love you, and you are doing so great :)!

Lou Lou said...

sending so much love to you.
i have isolated for 2 months straight now, i know how it feels to be deep in humiliation. and in time, this too shall pass.
you are beautiful, kind and strong
and if your going to read a book im begging you to read kelly cutrones book, if you have to cry go outside is the title. man. she writes like a female anthony keidis if you thought he was cool, except with a little more oomph.
have you read these books:
please have a masssssive look thru that site, every time i jump on i see parts of it i didnt see before.
kia kaha
be strong brie

nobody is pushing you to so this faster than you need.

"I am welcome everywhere"

lots of love

Katannah said...

I have a shovel and a big backyard, and I'm sure someone can provide an alibi. I didn't see the post either, but if you're hurting, let us at 'em.

Suzi Q said...

Hey Brie, I must have missed whatever happened. I am sorry you are hurting and even more sorry that it is because of someone being rude!Hope to hear from you soon.


Sounds like a lot of fun. (Or not!)

brie said...

thanks, all. sorry i'm being such a goob. i'm sure i'll be back to my normal selfsies soon!


Alexandra Rising said...

I cant call you, baby, I'm phone shy!
[And I dont have your number].

Even though you are feeling isolated and it may be inappropriate to say, I love the Simon and Garfunkel 'I am a rock, I am an Island' tune so I liked your title.

I will think of you and Kendall tonight :)

Krista said...

Thinking of you.

CG said...

huge HuGgGGs for you!!!! feel better pretty miss Brie.

tracy said...

Miss you. OH NO!!!! Someone has me watching "Celebrity Rehab"...and, and, l i k i n g it....after all my dopey ramblings...Crash. It's almost as much of a treat as Gordon Ramsey..."Fi-re"...

Hopes you're reading David Sedaris :)

t. said...