Friday, February 19, 2010

Have Fun with this One

Girlfriend’s not in the hottest of moods. Wanna know why?

1. Some idiot tried to hack into the 7 Eleven gas station’s card swiper thingys, and anyone who’s gone to the Sev during the past few days in Utah automatically got their debit cards cancelled to avoid identity theft. It’s been really fun trying to use it these past few days and having it be declined, making me look like a reject – well, a totally baffled reject. I mean, wouldn’t a phonecall notifying me of this have been nice? Now I have to wait 7-10 days for my bank to mail me a new card. Totes not sure that maple donut and Diet Coke were worth all this hassle. I know this is bad but whatever I’M IN A BAD MOOD so I kinda hope when the dude goes to jail he gets taken advantage of. With a debit card.
2. It’s Friday, and I’m at work. Not like this is different from any other Friday, but still.
3. Husband is working til 8 pm tonight so I’ll be stuck being a single mother. I have no plans other than wallowing in my own misery. Seriously I’m bad company when it’s just me. Sometimes I wonder how I even have friends.
4. Saw some guy in the lobby of my workplace picking his nose. Steadily losing faith in humanity. Never looking at the magazines (SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO A TISSUE BOX) he was flipping through again.
5. Cade has pink eye. goop = gwoss.
6. I woke up this morning at 2:30 am and managed to finally fall asleep with Cade kicking me in the face just as the sun was rising. Thought about texting some friends and waking them up just so they could be awake and miserable like me. Fantasized about credit carding their bums with my USELESS debit card.
7. No plans for the weekend.
8. Still not used to my burgeoning bod. Curves and bulges and stretch marks oh my!
9. I miss Kendall. But I don’t really talk about it anymore because I feel like people think I should just get over it already.
I need a number 10 on this list or else it’ll drive my non-existstent (I swear!) OCD crizazy…so:
10. I’m dealing with writer’s blockage. Concerning my book AND my blog. This is almost as bad as a colon blockage. Almost.

Sigh sigh sigh!

So, after reading this post, you can either
a. Leave me a comment telling me to keep my chin up, things’ll get better
b. Buy me a maple donut and a Diet Coke since I can’t for 7-10 days - to cheer me up of course
c. Practical joke my ass and credit card MY bummers with a debit card (hopefully yours is functional)
d. Use God and your skills and vow to never pick your nose in public again
e. Tell me I’m BEAUTIFUL with my new bod (JUST KIDDING DON’T YOU DARE)
f. Join the pity party
g. This would be a lot of work, but all of the above?


Lindsay said...

Don't feel too bad. I'm at work on a Friday too. My boss is gone so I could totally leave, but we're switching to automatic deposit so I had to "Estimate" what my time would be for today and turn in my time card early. =P so I'm stuck here.

Lou Lou said...

you think about kendall whenever you need to brie, and you post it up here if you need support.
we all love you. i think we are similar in the way that even n the worst moods cracking funnies is still possible. i think its awesome.
pink eye, poor cade!!!
my treatment got delayed a week so im still in blog land following your awesomeness

Alexandra Rising said...

I can cover the doughnut and diet coke. I can walk to Sevs in 5 minutes or less. Ill ship it overnight to you. [I hope it stays fresh ;)]

The same thing happened to a girl I know a few weeks ago. Her card got hacked and the bank failed to notify her, too. So she went grocery shopping only to be turned declined. You guys should start a support group.

Anonymous said...

Losing a child is not something you should be over, already. You never get over that. You learn to cope--which you are doing. But never feel like you aren't allowed to miss her.

Eating Alone said...

I don't think you should be over it, loosing the credit card yes, losing Kendall NO. I know it's not what you want to hear but I don't think you every get over loosing a child. Sorry but don't worry anyone that can't see that should be a nose piking, atm card bum'ing idiot!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost as awesome as you are bEautiful.

Maeve said...

a. Please do try and keep you chin up since it really will get better, I promise. You are a good person and deserve to be happy.

b. Does the diet coke and maple doughnut have to be from 7-11? If so, I can't do this one. But if you'll take substitutes I will go to the store then call FedEx.

c. Option C would require me to see you in person. I would definitely like to see you in person, but I'd rather skip option C. Bums gross me out..

d. Done! I've never ever done it (EWWWWWW!) So it will be easy to never do it again.

e. Recovery is Beautiful.

f. Writing about maple doughnuts and diet cokes make me wish I had those things. Sadly my budget is very tight right now so I don't think I should go buying anything, not even those things. Plus I love diet coke but it doesn't love me. WOE IS ME!

g. Done (well apart from hitchhiking to Utah to actually complete option C. instead of just telling you that bums gross me out).

brie said...

haha thanks all for cheering me up and making me smile, even if you do insist on saying i'm beautiful blah blah blah yakkity schmakkity!

lisalisa said...

eww, sorry about the suckage! You have my sympathy on all fronts!
And for the pink
eye, that is quite the socially isolating illness! I hope poor Cade isn't quarantined for too long.
Maybe there will be some bad TV on tonight. That always cheers me up!

Cammy said...

Well Maeve pre-empted my idea of responding point by point, but I'll stick with the plan anyway:

a. Chin up in the air, gofightwin Brie!

b. There is a Dunkin Donuts .29 miles from my house, you gets your credited carded bum over here and I'll buy you maple donuts every day.

c. My debit card is technically functional, but the bank account it's attached to is pretty worthless, your bummer deserves a better cha-ching than you'll get from my sorry broke account.

d. I don't make a habit of picking my nose in public, but if I do I'll be sure not to touch your magazines right afterwards. ;p

e. I won't use the b-word, but your new bod is WORLDS better than the old breaking down one, make sure to give yourself a chance for your schema to recalibrate before you pass judgment on it.

f. Mycariswrecked and Ihaveapaperdueanhouragobutamstillreadingblogs and mytoehasablister and mydogisshedding and imscaredtotakemynewpills. There, you'll never make the mistake of inviting me to a pity party again!

g. Whatever you needs, you gots, Brie.

brie said...



Jackie said...

Only as long as I can pick my nose while bringing you a maple donut and diet coke :) We need to go out soon!!!

Kara said...

Unfortunately, I am a F. A big F. And all that it stands for.

Brooke said...

Definitely count me in on the pity party. When is it? I AM IN!!!

Stephanie said...

Look at you little-miss-lists.
You know that you can always text the insomnia ridden friends you have at any hour.. Im up... a lot. Check the time.
I also promise to kick the next sketchy looking dude at my nearest Sev in honor of the injustice in your world.
Miss you twin.

sona said...

Chin up hun!they will, XXX

Jessica said...

I love how your blog is my addiction. You're always so witty and full of humor, I LOVE it!

I hope you have a good weekend!

Shannon said...

My credit card has been hacked from the internets twice now and both times I looked like an idiot because my credit card company put a hold on my card, but didn't call to tell me. Declined card=embarrassing and annoying. I'm sorry you're out of a debit card for a week. Boo.

I had a pity party last night too. Not like I had big plans, but hey Pei Wei take-out and a rented (or pirated?) movie with the hubby almost counts as plans when you're a mom, right? Well, let's just say that didn't exactly work out.

Sometimes life is just lame. Hope your Saturday makes up for it!

Sheyenne said...

Just to let YOU know.... any time you want to talk about Kendal, I'd love to listen. Your dreams for her, what you think she would have liked/disliked, places you wanted to take her, etc etc. Some days I just want to tell every stranger I see at Target that I just had a baby and she was the most beautiful girl in the world... but then I realize they wouldn't care. So, anytime you wanna talk, I'll listen 'cause I do care and I know how that feels. For reals. :-)

Sheyenne said...
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Krystle said...

You're awesome, and hackers should totally be taken advantage of with credit cards! lmao. That would totally be justified! Hang in there, Brie. You rock. :)

Krystle said...
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Em said...

Brie- I feel you. On day 10/379 of single parenthood and not handling it well. Thought I lost my main credit card on vacay, so cancelled ours, but j/k it was in my wallet the whole time but still can't use it because it's no good. My debit card keeps getting declined because our billing and actual addresses are different. People think I'm a criminal. And, due to the stress-eating caused by all this, I'm developing a pretty impressive Michelin middle. As far as Kendall goes, of course you're not over it. You won't ever be over it because nobody "gets over" losing a child. It may get less painful over time (months-years) but I'd worry about you if you ever got to the point where it didn't matter anymore. Hang in there, honey. And please, if you have a pity party, invite me. I love parties and I don't get out much anymore