Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vocal Chords

Coworker: Hi Brie! How was your weekend?
Me: It- squeak squeak cough rumble crack – it was –
Coworker: What happened to your voice?!
Me: I lost – squeak squeak cough cough cough silence – lost it.
Coworker: Oh no! You sound terrible! Wait, can you breathe? You sound like you’re having a difficult time breathing.
Me: Yeah – asth – squeak squeak crack cough cough cough rumble – asthma.
Coworker: I’m so sorry. You sound terrible – like a generator! (Ha, ha.)
Me: :(
Coworker: You should go home.
Me: :)


KC Elaine said...

you get to go home? yay! funny, (or not), my roommate also lost her voice this weekend, but because she was partying too hard. ummmm is it bad that I'm checking your blog first day on the job? I just can't stay away!

aLana said...

shannon just had gavin. we should go visit. you in? call moi. ciao bella!

Paige said...

I hope you're feeling okay, even though you have no voice. BTW, I loved your bonnet pictures!

Devon said...

Aww...I must admit...I kinda laughed a wee bit when I heard you today. It was a laugh of endearment though - of course. :)