Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From Behind Bars, Conclusion

I must admit folks, I’m a little sad to be ending my chronicle on the shenanigans of inpatient girls with eating disorders. I got a bit more attached to writing it than I had originally anticipated. Thanks to the few of you who suggested I write this, it’s been so fun.

I’ve decided that this account will never end. It’ll kind of be like The Never Ending Story, minus the mythical creatures (and the fact that, you know, the Never Ending Story did end). I won’t write a new chapter daily, but I’ve had a few alumni from CFC point out to me that I missed so many delicious things to talk about! What about the infamous unit freezes when someone pukes and won’t fess up to it? What about yoga, and nutrition class, and crazy Art With Andy?! I could talk about the backpacking trip we went on, and how one girl refused to eat and bet Dr B a hundred bucks that she hadn’t lost weight, and when she was right and he wasn’t, he totally paid her?! Music listening…choir…RAD…Saturday afternoon outings…Friday night snack…phase advancements and going into Staffing…caution status…ah, there’s too many good things to conclude for good! So I will write more. And I hope ya’ll will enjoy it as much as I will.

If anything, writing this crazy epic of monstrous proportions has totally reminded me not only of how much I coughhatecough inpatient treatment, but it’s also reminded me that I had some fun and silly times while locked up and made some irreplaceable friends. It’s also served as a friendly warning to never, ever go back in. RECOVERY NOW (because I like hot dogs, and, you know, living)!!!

If any of you have more ideas to write about, please send them my way.


Megs and Brad said...

Hey Brie! I must say that I have very much enjoyed reading your chronicles. I hope they don't end and I also hope that you don't mind that I blog stalked you and have been reading them! You are a very entertaining writer and I hope you keep it up.

Tia said...

Brie! Hi! Today while I was checking out face book I decided to go to your blog. You are a fabulous writer. There are so many inpatient CFC memories. I loved reading your thoughts. Remember those weird multiple choice quizzes on the computer we had to take when we first got there? I never knew how honest to be. If I was too honest they'd know I had a huge problem, but then it was a waste of time to answer the questions if I wasn't honest. I must have confused them with those results! Then they'd lock the bulimic girls in rooms with food for hours to see if they'd give in. No wonder inpatient went on freeze, girls weren't ready for that without toilet access. I also thought it was weird when the dietitian came into the cafeteria to eat with us. It's not like we could have restricted in front of them anyways. Although I cried lots, and it was hard to be away from people I loved, I'm glad I went. I've been recovered for almost 3 years. Keep fighting. You're gorgeous! I was always jealous of your personality and prettiness.


KC Elaine said...

I know we weren't ever on a unit together, so we didn't do groups together, but did they ever show you that CFC promotional video? It was friggin hilarious because everyone was smiling in it and looked so happy and healthy, and we were like, what about the girls crying in the corner and caution status and arguing and drama? or how we looked forward to shaving and painting our nails (till they took that away, damn them) way too much? or how you first walk through those doors not realizing just how long it will be till you go through them and outside again? Or how you hear some news from the outside world (like a huge hurricane, a new planet, a divorced brother, etc), and you're like, huh? How could I be so clueless?

I'll prolly comment on these things in my autobio too, but I'd love to read your thoughts on them and I'll try not to copy.

brydelle said...

Brie! I loved this series so much! I totally did not give it the attention it deserved. But every time you wrote a new one, I would read it out loud to my best friend, Rachel, and some of her roomies. By the end, they were dying to know if you had written any more of the story. Our reactions ranged from hysterical, lying on the ground laughter, to getting really depressed and eating, like, a gallon of ice cream EACH. You know, to support the girls still in treatment on weight gain.

You are an amazing writer, with a knack for humor and really emotional pieces. Keep writing! I love you and your hot bod sooooooo much! I really want to hang out this weekend, if you can (I mean it this time.)

brie said...

I'm excited to hear your take on things, so type away. :)

And Marissa-
Thanks for your post! Please don't dog me this weekend, we'll have fun playing!!