Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing Creativity Chromosomes

So, every year at work for Easter, we have a giant Easter egg hunt as well as an Easter hat contest. The winner of the challenge receives a $50 gift card to Target, but more importantly, a whole lotta self-esteem – or so I’ve fantasized. I usually shy away from contests like this, because I never win, and I do not need yet another reaffirmation that I’m a loser. A loser in every aspect of life, it seems. Plus, I know that if I go out on a limb and enter the contest, if I lose, because I have low self-esteem, I’ll never enter this or anything else ever again. I thought about entering the Valentine’s Day contest of decorating a valentine box, but shied away from it for these very reasons.

Also, I do not have any creativity cells in my nearly six foot tall frame. Not one. Scrap booking for me entails getting a piece of computer paper, (colored, if I’m feeling adventurous) taping a photo on, then writing a caption underneath it with a black ball-point pen. Sometimes I’ll perhaps doodle a heart even, but those often come out looking like a three year old did it, and I do not want someone commenting on the cute heart my son drew, when it was me.
That would sting.

So I’m in a bind. Do I be social and fun and enter some contest I’ll lose? The girls in the QI Department always win this crap…the Halloween costume contest, (By the way, dressing up in ‘80’s aerobic garb is so blasé.) the Christmas soup contest, the Valentine box contest…and now the Easter hat thing. Oh how I want to take down those over-achieving QI girls! (Maybe I’m being so vicious because I’m jealous much? Gah. I hope not.)


I need help. If I buy the supplies, anyone wanna help me (or rather, make on your own) a bomb diggity Easter hat? Please? It’s for a good cause – my self-esteem is on the line!


Emily said...

Brie, come on. You are NOT a loser. Not in my eyes.

Abby said...

Aw, Brie--don't be silly; you've got the writing chromosome, the humor chromosome, the beauty chromosome, the intelligence chromosome, the wonderful-mother-and-wife chromosome, the general lovableness chromosome, and quite a few others that some of us are rather covetous of. And since you only get twenty-three pairs of these things (Am I remembering that right?), you've got to have priorities and not focus too much on chromosomes that are useful primarily for things like winning hat contests at work. Also, since I ended up with that darn creativity chromosome and am thus doomed to have my greatest life successes all involve things like creating ugly things to wear on one's head at holidays, I'd come help you win the contest... but I fear I can't just get on the next plane to Utah. Alas. It would be fun, though; I could put a whole scene of Easter-themed teeny-tinies on top of your hat... remember the teeny-tinies? Wow, I think this is once again way over the polite word limit for comments. Oops.

racher said...

brie -

why haven't you called? i am your guy...or gal. i can help you out sista.

Whit said...

Dude, I am feeling it. I don't have a creative gene in my body either but I am all about helping you create a masterpiece. Let's do it!

aLana said...

i'm confused- you have to decorate a hat for easter? why not a basket or something more easter-ish?! let me know if you end up doing it. i want to see that finished product that wins the contest!

Savannah said...

hahaha, would help but 1)i suck even worse than you think you are 2)i wouldn't even know where to start and 3)i won't be there in time BUT if even one of those 3 weren't true...i would help instantly!

brie said...
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brie said...

Um, Racher? I'm all for you helping out...but doesn't the fact you live three hours away complicate things? I'm totally stressing.

Whit - remember how awful your cross-stitched heart looked in art therapy?! (Or at least remember how terribly I teased you about it?) Are you sure you can handle this hat thing...? ;)

Abbs - I do indeed remember and revere your teeny tinies. And they would definitely win me the grand prize if they were perched on top of a hat. But alas. You do not live near me. :(

Penny said...

Brie, I'm old enough to remember Easter hats! So the question is who does the judging? Does sthe entire office vote or just a committee? Because make the hat for the voters. If its the whole office fill up the hat with some kind of candy that can later be given away. Every guy likes free stuff. If its old women of some kind real easter hats had flowers all over them and ribbon. You can do it and I hope that you do it because no men are going to do it!!