Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Go Eat A Sandwich!

I really don’t want to blog today because I’m in no mood to be clever and funny. My head hurts and I have to be a single mom today. I had a loooong night with little sleep. My allergies are acting up (again). Blah blah blah.

But Racher and I were texting, and I thought I’d share our convo with you:

Racher: How are you today?
Me: Suck.
Racher: Eat a damn sandwich and be happy - that’s all it takes.
Me: I heard killing yourself works too? (I’m being sarcastic here, folks)
Racher: Actually it does work more permanently but I think the ‘make yourself be happy and eat a sandwich’ is less dramatic besides you need to buck up and suffer some more life is easy…but hum it’s not easy or something…
ME: You’re right. There’s so much more suffering I don’t want to miss out on. I’ll be a greedy little bitch and stick around.
Racher: Yeah, Bitch!

So there you have it. Maybe we should all be grateful for our suffering and just go eat a sandwich (because I hear that solves everything!)? I think so. I think if we all lower our standards a bit and realize life has lots of letdowns and sadness ahead, then we’ll make it just fine. :) Anyway, it’s sarcastic and weird but I actually feel better. Thanks for your twisted sense of humor, Rachel, you helped out this ‘ol treasured (I’m sure) friend of yours.


aLana said...

brie i miss you and fully support rachel's eat a sandwich approach to life. cfc would be so proud. love ya babes. ciao.

it's me, t said...

mmm sandwich. i think it's dinner time for me. :D ps, if i do get killed in my sleep, you can have all the food in my house :D

Paige said...

Your friend is very wise. It really does work. I'm a fat sandwich-eating lard and happier than I've ever been. :)