Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I’ve seen a few other people do this, so in celebration of my 100th post, I thought I’d treat you all to 100 things about me. You’re so lucky.

1. I once got beat up in a movie theater. I was ten, seeing Apollo 13 with my grandparents, cousins, and sister. Some mental case used me as a punching bag. It sucked then, but makes for a great ice-breaker now.
2. My legs are 35” long. That’s loooooong.
3. Avid gardeners would be thrilled to garden my eyebrows, for they are vast and massive and wild. A jungle, if you will.
4. I have nine siblings. Yeah, nine.
5. I also have a twin brother who is a pretty cool guy. His eyebrows are actually jungle-esque, as well. Here is a pic of us our senior year of high school.
6. I want to take a strip aerobics class.
7. I have asthma so horribly that I end up in the ER more than a few times a year.
8. I used to model, but don’t much anymore. I decided to take a moral stand against it.
9. I hate shaving and it takes an incredible amount of willpower to get me to shave my looong legs. So much surface area, so little time.
10. I hate to fight or argue unless I’m really close to you, because then that means I trust you. I only really dare fight with Brandon and my mom. Everyone else can walk all over me.
11. I’m left-handed, but am bad at it. I write with my left hand, but almost everything else is done with the right.
12. I luuuurve animals but am allergic to most.
13. A huge pet peeve of mine is when a dentist tries to carry on a conversation with me while there are seventeen dental instruments in my mouth. He must think it’s so hilarious. I do not.
14. I am a republican, but I’m not so uptight about it. I like to call myself a liberal republican.
15. The only bone I’ve ever broken is a toe, which is sadly uncool. I’d really like to break a good femur or appendage or something, just to know what it feels like.
16. I cannot cook. I also cannot bake. I can, however; push the start button on the microwave and have moderate skills with a toaster.
17. I’m married to this really awesome guy. You might have heard of him. His name is Brandon. And he’s hot. And sweet. And mine, all mine.
18. I live in Utah, the place with the greatest snow on earth. And yet I hate to ski with a fiery passion.
19. I’m a very passionate person. When I do something, I give it my all. When I quit something, I quit with my all. There is no in between for me. I am either all for something or all for being completely lazy.
20. I suck at cleaning, mainly because I get so caught up in all the dirt and crap that’s getting all over me. I have a phobia of getting my hands wet, and this unfortunately is detrimental to my cleaning duties as a wife and mama.
21. I attempted to play the guitar for a day. But when I didn’t turn into a rockstar, I gave up.
22. I’m writing a book, even though it’s no good.
23. I somehow produced the coolest kid on God’s green earth. I still don’t know how I did it.
24. I’m a sucker for young adult shows, like stuff on the Disney channel. Hannah Montana fascinates me in all its corny popularity.
25. I am in love with my two cats. I also think I may be in lust with them.
26. I used to have a deep and abiding obsession with the X-Files. I think you all already have read about this.

27. I’m 98% sure I have been on every anti-depressant modern medicine has ever invented.
28. My birthday is July 28th, God’s favorite day.
29. Up until two years ago I slept with a baby blanket that was wrapped around me the day I was born. When it fell to pieces, I put it somewhere safe and began to use a pillow, which I call my “hugger.”
30. I am recovering from anorexia. Have you heard of it?
31. Pears are my favorite fruit, but apples are the fruit I eat most often.
32. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
33. I can type 90 WPM.
34. I feel like I produce more ear wax than the average human.
35. When I was pregnant with Cade I was put on bed-rest for ten weeks.
36. I delivered Cade with out very much medication (i.e. an epidural) because the doctor tricked me and turned it off. My family could hear me screaming from behind closed doors clear down the hallway.
37. Growing up I hated my name because it was so unique. Now I love it for that very reason.
38. My favorite restaurants are Red Robin and California Pizza Kitchen.
39. After life was hard for so many years, I decided to get funny. It helped neutralize out all the serious and sad in life. And it’s worked for me.
40. I passed out after watching the third Lord of the Rings movie in the theater. Apparently the long movie cramped up my uber long legs, and I keeled over, hitting my head on the cup holder on the way down and spilling all my Diet Pepsi all over me. Some guy with a million tatts and piercings was hovering over me when I came to, and totally freaked me out.
41. I used to play volleyball in school and competitively. I actually used to be pretty good at it, too.
42. I am a very punctual person, and I work hard to not get annoyed with others who aren’t.
43. I suffer from debilitating road rage.
44. One of my biggest pet peeves is hair on soap.
45. I’ve popped my knuckles since I was eight years old. I have tried many times to quit, all to no avail.
46. I love to read and can always give you good recommendations for a book.
47. I sweat when I get nervous.
48. I get really bad gas at night and early in the morning.
49. I have olive skin, so in the summer, I get so tan I swear I look black.
50. I once not so long ago peed in a pull-up to see how well they worked.
51. I also peed in a Gatorade bottle because Brandon dared me to.
52. I like my eggs no other way than scrambled. I can do hardboiled, too, actually. I just need my egg to be thoroughly cooked.
53. I hate tomatoes with American food, i.e in sandwiches and salads, but love them in Mexican and Italian food.
54. When I’m pregnant I crave very spicy food.
55. I hate drinking water and mostly subsist on diet soda.
56. I also hate exercising, mostly because it’s so hard with my asthma.
57. I hate doing my hair, and usually pull it in a pony tail.
58. I always wear some makeup, but usually very little.
59. I have 26 nieces and nephews, with one on the way.
60. I get incapacitating nausea when I ride roller coasters. It gets worse with every trip to an amusement park. I feel like such an old person. I can hardly ride them, nor do I enjoy them.
61. My favorite Disney princess is Belle, mostly because we have the most in common, and because I look most like her.
62. The worst job I’ve ever had was being a waitress. It gave me several panic attacks a day and I relapsed while in that job.
63. Cade once accidentally ordered a porn movie off of On Demand and I watched about five minutes of it until I realized what it was.
64. I hate scrapbooking maybe even more than cooking. Yeah, even more than cooking.
65. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I ended up getting a massive bladder infection because some rough waves on the north shore got all up in me, and it was bad. Really, really bad. 66. I have an intense fear of deep water. I can barely even watch shows on TV that involve lakes or oceans, etc, because it is scary and deep and unknown and puts me on edge.
67. I am blind without my glasses or contacts.
68. My full name is Brienne, pronounced Bree-ENN. No one calls me this, mostly because most have a hard time pronouncing it.
69. I have big scary man-hands. I get them from my dad’s side of the family.
70. Aside from my hands, I look much more like my mom.
71. I suck at math, always have. I don’t think I could pass a 6th grade math test right now without first studying. Even then, not sure I could.
72. I believe one of the greatest American authors is John Steinbeck. The Grapes of Wrath changed my life.
73. If I could change one thing about me physically, it would be my teeth/smile.
74. I would rather poke out my eyes than go to the dentist. This is on my mind because I have to go tomorrow morning.
75. I often still use 39 cent stamps and the post office takes them. They never get returned to me.
76. I have a fear of heights because when I get too close to a high ledge, I always have the overwhelming feeling I am going to jump off – even though I don’t want to.
77. To my utter amazement, I was nominated for prom queen my junior year of high school.
78. I always felt lame in high school because I felt like my twin brother had more friends than I did.
79. I had lots of boyfriends growing up, but never had one that I really adored and loved until I met Brandonius Maximus.
80. I hate eating anything with gills and/or shells.
81. I am phone phobic, and would much rather (usually) communicate with texting or emailing.
82. I was astoundingly ugly while going through puberty.
83. I was an aunt when I was just five years old.
84. Homemade bread of any variety – pumpkin, banana, white, wheat…these are my favorite foods.
85. I’m not a big meat eater, though I try for the protein.
86. I’ve never been to Disney World but would love to go someday.
87. I am desperately trying to get over my fear of drinking liquid with calories, and have found that I thoroughly enjoy OJ and chocolate milk.
88. I own well over sixty pair of shoes. I’d give you an exact number, but I reallllly don’t want to go count.
89. Blogging has become my new passion. It gives me something to do so that I don’t focus so much on my eating disorder.
90. Leaving Cade for two months to go into treatment was maybe the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It still plagues me, for I feel like such an inadequate and selfish mama. Here is a pic of us on Christmas Day 2006. I was on a day pass from treatment.
91. I’ve held an alligator while I was in Brazil. I also held a gigantic snake, but I think I’ve repressed the memory because now I can’t remember what kind it was.
92. I’ve also been Piranha fishing which was really scary but sweet.
93. I have really gross toes.
94. I love nothing more than a really good back rub.
95. Although I am straight, Whit and I have a more than year long running joke of being in love with each others breasticles.
96. Being pregnant was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be…emotionally. Physically it was worse than anticipated.
97. I used to collect porcelain dolls. After watching an X-Files episode that Stephen King wrote about an evil doll, I packed them all up and have never unpacked them since.
98. I used to be self-conscious about how tall I was, but now embrace the Amazon woman in me.
99. I enjoy sleeping almost above any other one thing.
100. I’m 66% sure I’m a pretty cool person, even if I don’t believe it the other 34% of the time.


Jodi said...

Belle is my favorite too! She likes to read, is a brunette, and she just seemed smarter. It was fun learning random things about you.

Shannon said...

So many things we (me) didnt know about Brie! And reading some of them, I am the same way. Doesnt make me feel as strange as I know I am ;)

KC Elaine said...

I hate seafood too! and I used to hate my tallness, but now I embrace it with heels.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brienne,
The reason the post office accepts your 39 cent stamps is that they make the addressee pay before getting your envelope. Good gig if you can get people to pay for you. I enjoyed your post and I enjoy your honesty and humor and your book has potential if it is anything like your amazing writing on your blog.

aLana said...

this was so fun to read! fyi, belle's my favorite too, i'm glad you are a fellow non seafood eater, and how cool that we were both nominated for prom queen in our junior year? good thing we're friends cuz if we weren't i would look at our similarities and say that we should be! hope you're doing well! i swear i will resurface once midterms are over! love you! :)

Abby said...

Brie, this was just what I needed to read after a long day at school and before a long evening of studying. Thank you for making me smile. Now about the hair-on-soap thing--truly, nothing could be more disgusting (well, other than hair in the drain). Right around the time I went into the Center, my hair started falling out crazily, and I could never get it all off the soap; that's when I developed this aversion. Hm, so I guess another good aspect of recovery is that it reduces this problem. And about things with shells and gills, yes, I agree. But I think you forgot to mention another class of underwater creatures: things with many legs or tentacles. Well, maybe those have gills, too? Um, I guess I'm not an expert on the anatomy of sea creatures. And no, I don't have to actually try eating a squid to know that I don't like it! Agree?

jana said...

Hah, very interesting and entertaining post, you cool chick. I share a number of the things on your list in common with you. If I hadn't just had 3 alcoholic beverages (ugh) and a late night, I'd list them off. Not so much for you, but for me, because I'm a selfish biatch.

jana said...

Sea creatures are nasty and scary. I don't know how people touch them, or eat them, or even look at them.

jana said...

First, you make me want to do my own lists. I don't think I could think of 100 things. Maybe I'll make that an exercise. I think it's a good one. Probably wouldn't be entertaining enough to post like yours though.

Second, why on earth would you want to change your smile?

brie said...

Okay, so Abs - I absolutely agree that I do not need to taste a squid to know that it would be the worst thing I could ever put in my mouth. And I'm glad this post cheered you up. :)

It seems like Belle is a common favorite. I like her cuz she's smart and can think for herself and is hoooottttt. Plus, she's obsessed with reading - and that right there sells me.

Jana, (and all) you should do your own list. It'd be fun and not boring at all to learn more about everyone. And secondly, my teeth are not very straight on top. I suffered through braces, but my ortho did a sucktastic job. And it's really not that bad, but when I used to model all the time, my imperfect teeth were always drawn to my attention and people always told me how ugly they were. So now I'm just self-conscious about them.

Anonymous said...

how tall are you?

brie said...

I'm 5'11"

Jinii said...

So fun to read this. I have to tell you to go and take an aerobic strip tease class. I took a pole dancing class and had so much fun. Unfortunately poles and pregnancy do not mix.

Emily said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I don't eat seafood, either, but that's because I'm a vegetarian. Before I became one, I loved seafood. But nothing weird or scary like squid or eel. That's just nasty.

♥ Jen ♥ said...

Brie you're such an amazing writer and an even more amazing person. I know we don't really know eachother really well but the couple times we hung out you were a real cool person. Very funny and I can't tell you how many times I laughed during your blog.

jana said...

I just realized...bed rest for 10 weeks. That sounds like torture. So boring!! But you ended up with cute little Cade so I know it was worth it.

brie said...

You have no idea how torturous 10 weeks was - it was so boring, I wanted to die. I also had to take a medication to stop my contractions that made me shake. And I'm not talking minor shaking, here...but like seizure-esque shaking. Even my head shook. But what was worse (almost) was that once my doc took me off bedrest, we all assumed Cade would come really quickly, but he didn't! He waited almost two weeks, and I was so mad. :) But yes, it absolutely was worth it because I have the coolest man-child. :)

eMiLy said...

you crack me up....and I too am such a fan of the Disney shows... Hannah Montana rules! The Suite Life of Zack and Cody also is a hit!

Tanya said...

Brie I really enjoyed reading this and learning so much about you. I agree that everyone should try to do a list like this just to let people get to know them. I love that there are so many quirky things about you...and that we do have a few things in common :) Belle was my favorite as well since she had her nose in a book. As a kid and even up until I was 20-something I had my nose in a book when I walked New Orleans I even spotted a few people taking pictures of me as I did this...I think people don't understand how you walk with your nose in a book and can still see where you are going, I think its easy, but maybe I have mad skills :P Anyhow that was a rant about You are a wonderful and amazing woman and you did make the most beautiful man child this planet has seen to date :)

Jamie :) said...

I loved reading all of these! I don't even think I could come up with 100 interesting things about me. I would probably only be able to do 10 and then get bored of myself. :)