Saturday, February 2, 2008

When Brie Was In the Center...

Tonight was my mom's birthday, (I'll abstain from telling you how old she turned because she'd never forgive me) and during the party, everyone had a ridiculously delightful time at my expense. We were all reminiscing about our favorite memories about Mom, and everyone seemed to have a memory that was prefaced with, "Okay, so this one time...let's see...when was it? Oh yeah, I think it's when Brie was in the Center..." (For those of you unacquainted with the treatment facility I've been in *coughquiteafewtimescough,* "the Center" stands for the Center For Change.) So it just became this (apparently) hugely hilarious joke. I mean, really, I've been in treatment so often that it just ended up being quite a helpful timeline for people to judge their memories by. Then my dad decided it would be funny to cheerfully interject with some sly comments, too. My sister began by saying, "Okay, this was when-" and my dad yells, "...when Brie was in the Center?!" And everyone would roar.

It was hilarious. Really. I’m serious. What? It was!

I'm far past the stage about being sensitive about my obvious need in the past for treatment for that pesky little thing called anorexia (Have you heard of it?). I figure, when you get to a place in your life when you're so out of control you need people to flush your feces for you, it's time to give up your dignity and move on. I mean, you win some, you lose some, you know? In fact, I got so into it, that by the end, when my mom was opening her last gift, she received a painting that she herself had painted when she was ten years old. Her sister had found it in storage or something and thought my mom would like to have it. So my mom exclaims something like, "Wow! I haven't seen this in years! I painted this in the 50's!" To which I so unimaginatively exclaimed, "The 50's? Wow! I was in the Center!"

So yeah. Good night. Great Mexican meal, pina coladas with toothpick umbrellas, (which make them so much more cool) chocolate cake with mixed berries, and oh - a good roast. Nothing makes a night as great as a hardcore roast - even when a portion of it is at my expense.

Happy Birthday, Ma!
(I’ll post pictures as soon as my sister emails them to me.)


aLana said...

really, i LOVE that even your dad chimed in with "when brie was in the center!" haha what a great fam! oh don't worry that i just found out that my 15 year old brother just volunteered me to his health teacher to come speak on EDs to their class but concluded with "but let me ask her first because she was in treatment and sometimes my parents still threaten to send her back there so i don't know if she will want to come talk about it." thanks nick. retard! who says that to someone?! as if i want to go talk now! geez! haha anyway, i'm glad it was a good night celebrating the momma's b-day. did you wear the cobweb shoes?? :)

JustinandNichole said...

I think its fantastically fabulous that you can have a "light hearted" view of everything. I love reading your posts because they are so fun and clever and I love getting to know you better! You are a great person that I am glad to know!

Mom said...

Hey, I just printed your blog off to put in my book you all gave me last night! Your obvious happiness at learning you can laugh at a "huge-at-the-time" part of your life is noteworthy so I am saving it. And, We both got laughed at but your laughs always led into something really horrifying that I did or said. At least i wasn't all alone. Thanks for taking it with me. I had fun and will never forget that night!