Monday, February 11, 2008

The Book Thief


When I talk about something I am passionate about, I transform from this really, you know, cool person, into a banal, corny, and clich├ęd-out nerd.

And I am passionate about books. Really, I’m surprised at myself. How have I never blogged on the subject before? Reading is my life, my passion. When others like to socialize, I love nothing more than curling up at home with my kitties and a good book. I’m an avid reader – by the time I was in the 9th grade, I had read more American Classics (and then some) than any above-average adult. Literature, writing…it speaks to me. When others see beauty in paintings or in music, I see humanity and brutality and reality and fantasy in words on a page.

I have many favorite books. Far too many to list here. What I will list are the three books that have not only made a huge impact on the world, but on me. They’ve changed me, rearranged my insides so that I will irrevocably never be the same person again.

The List:
The Grapes Of Wrath
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Book Thief

The latter was the book I finished late last night. It is the novel I spoke of in my previous post, when I said I had just had a life-changing experience. This book was It. If you want to read a book so full of beauty and depth and pain, please pick it up. It’s a young adult book, written by a man who is no more than a young adult himself, at only twenty years of age; I can’t fathom how he had the profundity and life experience to churn out such beautiful words.

The Book Thief takes place in Nazi Germany, and our protagonists are a little ten year old girl - a German girl, and the little street of eclectic neighbors she lives with in a small town in Germany. The narrator of this novel is Death himself, and you will never read a book about WWII like this. By the end of the novel, you will not only be more exposed to the horrors of life and of what another human being will do to another, but you will witness beauty and wonder even amidst the most devastating horrors of life.

That’s all.
Weird, nerdy girl, be gone!

Okay, whew. I think I’m back.


KC Elaine said...

I will check this out! yeah, I know, it's miniskirt season in FEBRUARY. and Nils asked me to wear one today. :o and I agree, shoes are important! I will see about shoes and get back to you on that one...

Ash said...

I share your passion. Its funny how most people are shocked when a girl is obsessed with reading. Have you ever read The Picture of Dorian Gray? A must read, it is my favorite! Right now I am reading Mademoiselle Boleyn. Hilarious in an old english trashy sex way. There was a scene I had to skip involving the king, candlesticks and many woman. Other than that a priceless read!

Emily said...

I have heard wonderful things about The Book Thief. This only makes me want to read it more!

Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

I am so glad you share my passion for books. Have you read Walk Two Moons?
It is my number one all time favorite book. You should read it.
I am actually about to do a book review on it because my cousin was asking me about it so I will probably do a little Laurie's book review on my blog about it.
Thanks for the reccomendations, I also LOVE the Grapes of Wrath. I read it in AP English at Cottonwood, I felt like it really had a deep impact on me as well.

rachel said...

Brie, this is really funny, that book is sitting at my feet right now, and I was reading it last night too!

Paige said...

Thanks for the book recommendation!--I'm going to read the Book Thief when I'm done with Anna Karenina.

heather said...

I too am a book nerd. I would so much rather curl up with a good juicy book than go out on the town and party it up. I haven't read the Book Theif, but now I certainly plan to. I'm going to Atlanta on Friday, so I think it'll be a good book to take with me on the flight! I too can't believe I havnen't yet written a blog on my passion for, what's wrong with us? Maybe I will soon. Too much other stuff going on now, though. Lets talk soon. Hope Cade is feeling better and that you and Brandon are rested.