Friday, February 8, 2008

Last Week's Leftovers

So, obviously, the title of my blog has changed. When I originally began blogging four months ago, the view for what I intended my blog to be has morphed into something else entirely.
Something waaaaaay cooler.
For so long, I've hidden behind...well, behind me. A fake me, I guess, which was why the title "No Tale Tells All" was so appealing to me. But as time passes, none of that really matters to me so much anymore. I just want to be me on this blog, whether that day it be happy or grumpy or funny or devastating. Hence the term "Last Week's Leftovers." This blog is just going to be a big, sloppy conglomeration of my thoughts and the goings-on in my life, and every day, it'll be something different. If I am on your blog roll, please change the title. If I'm not on your blog roll, then you're an idiot. :)

More to come later today on how Cade is doing. (It's excellent, by the way!)


aLana said...

can i leave you as brie? if you prefer it be changed, just let me know! :) i'll call you later!

brydelle said...

Hooray for Caden doing better! I love that kid! He's just got so much spunk.

And I'm also reminded, by your comment about hiding behind yourself, of the book I'm reading, Bird by Bird. It's that 'how-to' book about writing, and one of the best pieces of advice that I've heard in it is that, in order to truly write, we have to get out of our own way.

I love you, I miss you, I lurves the new blog name!

KC Elaine said...

glad to hear cade's better! and i like your new blog name