Friday, February 29, 2008

In Which We Meet Maura

Her lip ring was distracting, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It held her dry, cracked lips in a vice that really, if I’m being honest, was unattractive and looked grossly painful. The ring itself seemed to say “Back the Hell off” and “I have seen pain and ugly and abandonment.”
But she herself says none of these things. Instead, she says, “Daffodils are my favorite. Flowers I mean.”

And I am surprised. This girl with purpled, pixie cut hair, ripped tights, and combat boots likes daffodils? This girl, wish so much anger and hatred inside her has the capability – but more importantly, the willingness – to see the beauty and miracles in life, or at least in daffodils?

People never cease to surprise me.


KC Elaine said...

as you know, I love it. Mara's such a good name for her! are you going to make this into a story?

brydelle said...

I really love this character, and I loved her when you sent me the email with this in it. I think that she has a lot of potential to be somebody real, a character who isn't cliched or annoying. I think everybody can sort of feel like there's a little bit of Mara in us.

aLana said...

very cool post. i wanna read the story! see ya tonight. :)