Monday, February 25, 2008

Mesquite, Baaaaaaaaaaaby

Here’s some pictures from the best night of my life, yo.

Here, we took a shot after we’ve all nobly lost at BINGO. I am at peace with it, as you can tell, but Rachel and Steve are really morose, and Whit’s just plain ‘ol high.

Chillin’ at the penny slots. I gambled a dollar. Yes, one US dollar. I lost it all. I was devastated.

Here is Whit in the car on the way back from our magical night. If I recall correctly, she was trying to talk to her mom, though I’m pretty sure she was in a light coma.
Here I am, post I’m-so-car-sick-and-am-going-to-puke-all-over-the-window. I’m a little worn, as you can see. Car sickness and losing at Bingo and drinking my body weight in energy drinks and a reaaaaaaally late night will do that to you.
And Rachel, driving us home, was begging me not to take a picture when I did, in fact, take a picture.


Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

You look so cute.
Who is Steve by the way?

brydelle said...

I'm so incredibly jealous of your fun weekend! Mine was totally lame. I just spent it making up homework and studying for midterms. Ugh.

aLana said...

shot as in a picture, or shot as in an alana yuen?! i would be so proud of you all! haha love you babe! as sad as i am that i couldn't go, i'm still very glad you had a good time!

Stacy said...

you win.. yours was more exciting.