Monday, February 25, 2008

BINGO Shenanigans

For those of you who think the party is in Vegas, you morons are totally wrong. Mesquite is what it's all about, fo shizzle.
On Saturday night we had the time of our freaking lives playing BINGO with a bunch of senior citizens and native americans. We totally lost, to the aformentioned seasoned BINGOees, but still left in high spirits, because it is universally impossible to be angry when playing BINGO. I know because I learned this invaluable lesson firsthand.
The last time I played BINGO, I was in the 5th grade and marked my score card with beans. But in the gambling world, this game is hard-core, no kidding. I was keeping track of nine score boards, yes, nine! Whitney was across from me, having a difficult time understanding the ages 8 & up game because she was high on pain pills from post-op surgery, while Steve next to me was pissed because he was having the worst luck ever. Or something. It was rather hard to hear his bitter complaints (or maybe they were voodoo death curses to everyone that was winning?) he was mumbling under his breath because of the lady with the infomercial voice that was pleasantly but quite loudly announcing "G 63." Poor Anna couldn't follow the numbers fast enough and probably missed out on several won BINGOs because she was approximately 4857473 numbers behind the rest of us, and Rachel was secretly hoping to not win so that she wouldn't have to traumatize herself by calling out BINGO in a room full of strangers and therefore actually acknowledge her rockin' existence. She's had trouble with calling BINGO before, and the native americans did not take kindly to her. You can even read about it here on her super cool blog.
Here is a really crappy shot of us in the casino taken from my cell phone. I have some pictures I'd like to post, but it's all Rachel's fault I don't have them, so blame her. I certainly do. But I will post them as soon as I get them. Hope ya'll had as great a weekend as I did, though I find it ludicrous that any of you could even compete with mine, so you should probably not even try.


KC Elaine said...

bingo? I wish I had been there!

Jamie :) said...

Hey Brie!! I found your blog and thought I would say hello! I have never heard a better bingo story...nor would I try to tell a better one. You are a fantastic writer (and hilarious too)! I miss you girl and think about you often! Have a great week!!

eMiLy said...

Oh my goodness gracious Brie! It has been a freakin long time!

We Are The Butlers said...

Man, sorry I stink at phone photography. you are all blurry and beautiful.