Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

I haven't taken any family pictures since August. That kind of makes me a bad person, I think, so to make up for that I took dozens of pictures of our Halloween festivities. I'm posting about 25 (I know I'm sorry) on this post so feel free to scan quickly!

In the afternoon we went to Great Grandpa and Grandma Sudweeks house for a Halloween party. We dined on a salad bar and homemade chili and veggie soup and played lots of fun games. Here's C with his little cousin, Blake. They're sizing each other up...

Cade with his two little witch cousins, E and K.

I think I am a line-backer. What's with the head to shoulder ratio going on? Eek. (Husband is so cute!)

Playing choo-choos with B. He actually shared a train with him. I nearly cried.

We had to bribe him to put on his Thomas the Train costume. You think I'm kidding? We went straight to Walmart afterward and bought him a new train. As you can see, he was less than pleased in his get-up (but he eventually warmed up to it).

He got really excited when he saw that B was being Thomas, too. Adorable, isn't it

I kept trying to get a decent pic of the two but B would not hold still...

Um, yeah. I freaking won the count the tootsie roll contest or whatever! (I guessed 74. There were 77. I like never win anything so we were thrilled!)

First house going trick or treating that night...

I had to take this adorable candid photo of my nieces. M is in the garish dress with the purple bow, and A is in the indian costume. I heart them.

My sissies Brookie and Am and C and his other cousing B running to the next house.

Mama got tired of walking so I'd half-heartedly stay at the end of the driveway while Daddy took C up to get his candy. If someone didn't go with him, he'd go up there, say trick or treat, stand there for a minute, then walk away without getting candy. He's working on the logistics.

C got tired and began whining for someone to hold him. Poor guy!

My sweet lil pumpkin niece B. Oh my heart!

After we had trick or treated with my side of the famiy, Husband and I drove over to his in-laws and we went with his dad and his sister Emily and her hubby Craig and their two kids, B and B. It was fun to meet up with both sides of the fam. Two cute little Thomas'...

Those are my cute boots. (And C too, I guess :)

I didn't actually decide to dress as a hoodlum for Halloween, I'm just wearing Husband's coat. My coats are all dressy and look weird with my prego-ness so I decided to go baggy and comfy.

I had to get a shot with the little pumpkin!

C so happy!

Finally, finally we came home. Daddy and C inspecting the loot.

Yeah, I wanted to get in on the action too!

I'm not even kidding I think he ate at least 12 packs of Kit Kats. He's already out.

And then, for fun, I thought I'd post this pic of me and C last year on Halloween. He pretty much disliked it this year as much as last year, but we're making progress!

And after it was over, I was TIIIIIIIIIRREEEED. I made some hot cocoa and passed out at like 9 pm (shutup it seriously felt like 3 am or something!)
Hope you all had a lovely and very spooky Halloween too!


Alexandra Rising said...

a) This post is so full of CUTE [that little pumpkin is adorable!].
b)I'm rather jealous you had hot chocolate! I was absolutely dying for some last night and didnt have the means to make it.
c) I really like your pants[jeans?]. I kind of want a pair, if we're being honest!

inthemainstream said...

I've loved seeing people on Facebook/the general Internet and the t-o-ting adventures with their children. I would like some, stat.

Kara said...

Great pics! Happy Halloween (um, a day late).

bananas said...

What a treat to see a post on the weekend AND full of pictures!! You've brightened my day, Miss Brie!

I keep looking at little Cade but thinking about how much bigger he is now! He's looking like a little man. :) He's a perfect mix of you and Brandon. Baby girl B is gonna be a hottie.

Loves you and your family!

emo said...

I am glad we did some trick or treating together.It was fun talking with you.I am loving how Cade and Blake are bonding with each other thanks to Thomas. Cute pictures! You are so pretty as always!

Laura said...

I want to go trick or treating with you and your family next year.

Amber said...

It was such a fun weekend. Your pictures are so cute and I am glad you came with us. Cade made a cute Thomas ( when he was wearing it)! I love Halloween and Cade is so cue!!

Amber said...

I mean CUTE!

brie said...

oh, alex, glad you like my pants. :) i have the same pair in black and also in blue (jeans). i got them at pac sun, and they were pretty cheap - like 50 bucks a pair, is all. they're just their regular skinny fit (but not the super skinny fit.) check 'em online...

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh, there are 2 Pac Sun's within 15 minutes of my house! Maybe I can find them on saaaale because Alex does not have $50 to spare :P
Regardless, they look great on you :)

Jenny Bay said...

Just wanted to say that you look gorgeous in that grey sweater with your cute little bump! Hope you're feeling great!