Tuesday, November 3, 2009

18 Weeks

Well, it's that time again. I've decided every two weeks I'm going to post a picture of The Belly to track its, er, growth. Gettin' big, eh? And aren't we happy I'm not in that green dress again? [I do believe the belly and the boobs are tied. Who will be ahead next time?]

ps I go in for my ultrasound today. Hopefully it's still a girl, unless she mysteriously decided to grow a peenie in 4 days, in which case I will cackle and give him/her MAD props. I'll keep you updated!


tawny said...

So cute u r.

I'm secretly jealous I am NEVER gonna have a cute tummy like that again. ever.

Hope the results are the same! Sooo excited for another Brown girl around here...we need them!!!

and go steal your pic of my blog of you, amber, and brooke..its so cute of u girlies!

good luck...and let me know about tomorrow w/ lil C...!

Kara said...

Crossing my fingers for a good appointment!

allegri said...

Praying its a beautiful perfectly formed baby!!! Whether with or without a peenie! You are so gorgeous! If that baby has even HALF your genes she will be a knockout.

God bless!

t. said...

you are ridiculously cute! i was never as fashionable as you are when i was pregnant.

Alexandra Rising said...

Dont laugh at me for asking this *blush*: Have you checked out Nicole Richie's maternity line? I saw it advertised in..some store. I thought to myself, 'Nicole is fabulous, therefore her clothes must be fabulous". I then thought, "Brie is fabulous, therefore Brie could make Nicole's clothing look fabulous!"
..have you seen it? Is it actually cute? Do you think I'm crazy for asking this?
[And I hope she's decided to stay female. All my friends have boys. I want to buy a little girl outfit for someone, really, I do!]

Krista said...

Yea for girl confirmage (I read your FB so my comment is cheated).

So I wanted to tell you that I bought this way cool Thomas track set yesterday for Jaxon for Christmas. I don't know if C's trains are the Trackmaster kind, but if so you must get him this. It's called Thomas at Action Canyon. It's 40.00 right now at target online, plus if you spend 50.00 you get free shipping and the shipping is 10.00 anyway. It's pretty sweet and the next cheapest place I found it was toys r us for 60.00. Some people on ebay are even selling it for like 90.00. It connects with any of the Trackmaster tracks, but it's pretty big all on it's own anyhow. You can watch the commercial for it on youtube if you want.

Jackie said...

You look beautiful Brie - and so happy. I love it!

Brooke said...

m hurrying to write myi comment because my head is pounding. I love your belly and I'm so happy it is a girl. We need some more int he fam! Little Brie and Brandon. Exciting.