Monday, November 23, 2009

A Twi-fession

I have a confession. I am NOT a Twi-hard, but I have already seen New Moon twice.

And I plan on seeing it again on Wednesday night with all of my sisters and a couple of my brothers. Mostly because I love to sit next to my brother, T, and cackle as he repeatedly asks me when Bella and Edward are going to "bang."

But if anyone asks? I'm Team Jacob. Edward and his weasly, white, pasty little bod can go elsewhere. I'd like to wash my face on Jake's washboard stomach, now.

That is all.

And if you are upset I don't like Edward? You can go imprint yourself.
I'm so funny! Ahahaha I can't stop laughing at, my, like cleverosity.


Cammy said...

Have you read the books too? Are they any good? I have resisted the whole Twilight thing up til now, but I know you are a big-time reader, so I'm interested to hear if you like them, or if seeing the awesome abs on screen gets your attention even though the books were mediocre. ;)

brie said...


I read the books, and I liked them, but I am in no way obsessed as many (most?) are with the book. I read them because I am an American Lit major and this is, of course, American lit at it's peak - I needed to know for myself the hype, etc.

Stephenie Meyer can't write much better than your average door-knob, in my opinion, but I do give the woman kudos for making an excellent plot and great character development.

I would recommend reading them, if anything, to be a part of this - to decide for yourself what you think of the Twilight saga. :) I think you'll like them - they're pretty hard to *not* like.

And...simple 5th grade reading level...

Let me know what you think if you read them. :)

Katie said...

personally, i'm team edward because jacob came in and ruined their relationship.
but when i saw the movie i was tempted to turn to team jacob just because of his body :P

Laur said...

i saw it already for the second time tonight. I'm a loser haha
I am team jacob all the way. Altho, as our shirts said on opening night, "we swing both ways." but really jacob has me for sure on this one. Edward is so pale and skinny. but i like em both i suppose.

allegri said...

You are so funny. I am soooo team Edward. You can run off with lil Jacob - just don't turn into an Emily.

I only decided to read the books 9 days ago, and read them ALL this past week. I swore I would never become one of those people but man. I can't wait for Eclipse!

I have only seen it once thus far, but I have to go see it again... or illegally download it...

I ADORE lovely Alice's wardrobe, sooo jealous. She is almost as pretty as you.