Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl Stuff

It’s going to be tough coming up with a girl’s name. I feel like boy’s names are easier because there seem to be less of them. But with girls do you go old-school and do something old à new again like Lucy or Molly or Sophia or do you go for the newer, more modern names, like Layla or Bailey? (And, for the record, none of those names are names we are actually considering, I’m just posting examples.) Brandon thinks it’s really funny to make up the ugliest names he can think of then ask me what I think of them with a dead-serious face. “What about Brosephina?” he asks all innocently, and I swiftly smack him to mete out the punishment he so very much deserves. Gah, the man’s going to be of no help. So if any of you have any suggestions I will be thrilled to hear them! Everyone, go! Give me your top 3 girl’s names and I will love you and blow you kisses and maybe show you my cleavage? Also, I'm hesitant to post the names we are thinking of because if people dog them then I'll feel sad. Very sad indeed. Opinions?

I’m going to go the fabric store soon and the bad-ass seamstress in me will re-emerge. She’s been hiding in the storage room next to the cat litter and mouse traps with my sewing machine. But now that I know I’m having a chica, I can’t wait to go buy fabrics in pinks and oranges and purples and browns oh my and sew beautiful patchwork quilts and blankies and bows and stuff. Oh my heart!

With my parents still gone in Europe (they come home from their month long expedition on Friday) I feel like the house has been taken over by dirty little fiends (maybe Husband and Lil C?) who mess the house up. It certainly can’t be me, so I don’t know how to explain it. And why do I not fix this? I’m such a pushover, plus, I hate cleaning. I swear, if I got kidnapped, I’d get Stockholm Syndrome in record time – after a week I’d be making my a-hole kidnappers PB&J’s and giving back rubs. So tomorrow night before they come home it’s designated Frantically Clean up the House before Mom and Dad Bust Me Day. If anyone wants to help, just gimme a shout.

Names? Go? Now!

Oh, and just cuz I love this picture, I'm going to post it. Me and my sissies Amber (middle) and Brooke (right) on Halloween. Do we looks alike?


Kara said...

Hmmmmm.... I don't know if I can think of 3 girl names, but I'll give it a shot:

1. I really like the name Ruth.
2. I like Esther
(Yikes, I'm going all biblical on you!)
3. Ingrid

Wow - I thought of three!

frankie said...


I'll stop now before i give you a whole baby book full.

allegri said...

Addie (Addison)

Your little missy is going to be HOT, no matter the name. And, Brandon definetly deserved those smacks

alana.rachelle said...

definitely little Gavina Breivik.
the end.

lisalisa said...

Lillian June Breivik
Lilly Ann Breivik

Ok, that's only two. But they are good ones!

Melanie said...

I love the old made new names, I also love the new-fangled trendy names. But I also think that names that we grew up with (Megan, Kari, etc... not those exactly but I can't think of any other people I went to high school with apparently) are nice too.

I have been reading a lot of baby naming books lately and they've said that the old made new names are coming back in force and we're just keeping the really great ones. Why name your kid Irvin when you can name him Oliver, or Gladys when she could be Lily? The trend is to keep the really classy old names, not the ugly ones. Not that you'd pick an ugly one, I just found it kind of interesting.

My husband and I find girl names WAY easier than boy names. Like, lightyears easier.

We love the names: Lauren, Anna, Claire, and Paige...

Um, any help on the boy name front for me? I can't very well live with Bo-Bo.

Zombiegrrl said...

Angelita, or Lita
Rayanne, or Raynie

Cara said...


I will stop now. I'm with you, boys names are much easier.

Nene said...

Had me a hysterectomy (not by choice) 2 years ago so the little girl I'll never have would be named Haven. Can't wait to see what you do come up with though, it will be perfect!

Cassidy said...

sounds like your boo's been checking out the HarryPotter/BellaCullen book of baby names ;)

kristin said...



Good luck with finding a name! :)

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Just wanted to say that when my mom was pregnant with me, she told family members and such my name (Arielle) and even though it's uncommon now, it was WAY unheard of then, especially spelled like that...and everyone hated it. My mom got all sad, but she and my dad liked it and named me Arielle anyway. Now everyone loves it to death and tells me that it fits me to a T. So... don't let people's reactions stop you. Name your little wonder girl whatever you desire and it will be beautiful and fantastic... and if chosen with love, will fit her. And I bet people's opinions will soon change. :) As for actual names, my husband and I are currently try and have been for the last few months, so I don't want to post the names I love, since I'd love to use 'em myself in the very near future if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant this year!
Love to you, Brie!

Jamie said...
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Anonymous said...

I love:








I think all those sound lovely. Good luck with picking a name though Brie!! I think you'll end up with the perfect one. :o)

Tanya said...

Kaylee ---This will be my first girls name...its my mom's fist and middle name mixed because I can't stand yelling Karen Lee and I just am not so sure about Karlee but that is the other option I like for my first girl. Probably won't have her but I like those names

Sheyenne said...

Hey! I just found your blog via Babycenter... I'm due in April, too! I'm also in recovery from ED... more than 12 years now. This is my first pregnancy and I was really happy to come across your blog! Pregnancy brings up a whole host of emotions in relation to ED and I'm so glad to find someone who's been there too! Love the blog, just wanted to say heY!

bananas said...

Hmm, names. My list used to be bigger but two girls names I kinda dig are:

Oh, and I like Ashley or Ashlyn.

All of these names need nice middle names to, and "Ann," "Lynn," "Louise," and the like do not count!

Devon said...

Whatever happened to Penny Jane?

Hmm I like the name Abigail...and Evelyn...and Annalise.

That is all.

alriggells said...

Macy Brie
Sailor Jade
....She-Quifa (j/k)


CG said...

I looove names! I visit this website all the time and don't even have kids yet, haha:

What I would suggest is, avoid both the trends and the made-up names. This site gives the top 10, 100 etc. most popular, and you can see the ones that are climbing to the top or maintaining top status...e.g. Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Charlotte. Your little chica will have at least five of these in her classes!

What I would do is go for something classic that has not yet emerged on the trend list, maybe paired with a middle name that has family/personal meaning. Good luck and can't wait to hear your decision!!!

brie said...

hey! thanks all for the suggestsions. :) many of those names i think are darling, though i will admit that our top 2 names we are most especially considering right now have NOT been mentioned. is that good or bad??

Stef said...




Alexandra Rising said...

I also adore these which have been posted:

I very much like:
-Summer, Autumn, or Winter

...I like lots of names and none of my favorites are coming to my head right now! [Except for the seasons, I really like the seasonal names]

Brooke said...

Samantha (sam or sammie)
and John said Bella ha ha for reals though...ha ha ha!!!

Hmm..I guess I like the letter S. Didn't notice that before. Sad I'll never get to use my names :(

alriggells said...

Oh an ya I like Kennedy :)