Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Best Day of Summer the first day you are able to go to the swimming pool, decked out in your new swim gear, and even though it's reallllly yellow, you figure it must be pretty cool since Mommy picked it out.

The best day of summer is the first time you realize that winter is gone, gone, gone, and with it Seasonal Affective Disorder, and you remember it's so true that sun really does equal happiness, cuz Mommy says that so it must be true.

And you get to play with your cousin L in the sparkling blue water

And play football with your best little cousin friend, Lil M, who looks really cute even though his mommy only dresses him in blues and reds while Mommy dresses me in yellows and oranges, cuz she says that warm colors are "the bomb,"

and I get to warm up by Mommy, snug in her legs, and eat the M&M's I forced her to buy me,

And the best day of summer is EVERY DAY in the summer, cuz we go to the pool lots, and we get groovy tans, and Mom says those are the best, and Mommy's awesome cuz she wears a swimsuit even though she has a tube, and her boobies say hi, and I can't wait to go again next weekend cuz Mommy promised we would!
The end, love Cappa-Taden


lisalisa said...

I LOVE this post! That's so great that you get out there with C and have fun and make memories for him even when tube yuckiness is getting you down. You are an awesome mom!

Stacy said...

I love it. So fun to adsorb so awesome sunny greatness (and lots of Vitamin D too!)
Not to mention a Kick A swimsuit... is that one compliments of pearl as well? :o)

Misty said...

I am sad I wasn't there! I almost came, but had to rake wood chips. Boo. Cute suit though! Cute boobies too!

tawny said...

I loved the pool with you yesterday! You looked hot-a-licious in your blue suit...I want it soooo bad!! and the best thing is I never ever noticed your tubey once. so seriously I know you are mad at what happened with the button, BUT you look so good and you can't even tell you have a tuber. FOR REALS!!!!!

...and love lil'C's yella outfit. Even though the bumblebees were attracted to us alll afternoon cuz of CappaCade's brightness, he looked so darlin. love that we still get to dress our babies! I still love blue...whateva anyway,

...this summer is going to be so many more summer pool days! yay yay yay yay! xo

Krista said...

Where did you get C's suit? I need to get Jax one. He is wearing his from last year and the inner mesh goods holder is giving him a wedgie. Can you get in the water with a tube?

tawny said...

okay SO sorry.....

I meant:

Cappa-Taden NOT Cappa-Caden.

I love that he corrects me if I am wrong! :)

and I love that him and Mace are BF cuz's.

HAFC said...

Oh my already have such a great tan! In Seattle, here, I'm still a ghost. I'm glad you got to go out and have some fun this weekend.....we all need those fun breaks to make it through the week. Did you have to join a swim club or is it a neighborhood one? Is it close? That would be so awesome!

Penny said...

Loved the Post Cause I love Capa-Taden too! and he posts real good. ( Great pics and I loved you looking so tan and healthy in your pretty suit! Too.)

kristin said...

Awwww! Cute summer photos. I'm glad that you able to spend some quality time out by the pool!

Also, sorry to hear about the whole tube thing. I would be pissed, too. It's a total bummer. :(

Take care. Enjoy the sun.

love, kristin

Kara said...

Thanks for a great post, Capa-Taden!

Jamie said...

Aww, he's so adorable!! It looks like you two had so much fun, too. What a great mummy, you are. ^-^

Brooke said...

Wish I would have been there! Kind of sad that Capa-Taden isn't BFF with cousin B. Wonder what happened there. Weird? And sad. Hmmmmm.

Cute suit. Cade not only gets to snuggle in your legs, but his head gets to snuggles between your sweet pillows too :)

Pattie Cordova said...

aw! way cute post. Love the mushiness going on between you and your bebe.

alana.rachelle said...! :)