Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

To a wife and mother dear,

We have had some ups and downs over the last couple of days years. We have been to Brazil, to treatment, to your parents, to my parents, to New York, to Meth House...and who knows where to next? It really just doesn't matter what else lies ahead for us, because we will still always be us. As long as I am with you I know I will always have someone to share my worries with, and to celebrate with during the good times. And I will always have the one person I care about making laugh the most, you! And I really mean this, nothing else matters.

I love watching Caden and seeing the expressions he makes when he hasn't seen you for even just a little while and I tell hime, "Cade, Mommy is home!" He runs across the room, jumps on the couch, stands up and looks out the window and says, "Daddy, Mommy is home!" He absolutely adores you. It doesn't matter if you have a tube, or if he is wearing yesterday's socks still, he KNOWS you are his sweet mommy, and that you love him. He knows you can fix his ouwies, knows he can sleep on your pillows. Knows you will watch movies with him on the bed. And most importantly, he knows who will always be his go-to person when he wants a donut!

I love you woman! You have deeply impacted me in a good way. I admire your resiliance and envy your ability to always get back up. There is no doubt in my mind that you have great things in front of you.

Thank you for always believing in me too! Happy Mothers' Day! We love you!

Daddy and Cade
B also bought me a yellow iPod as my gift (my first one drowned and my second one was stolen) and I didn't think I could love anything more than her (I named her peePod - she's yellow after all) but when I got this letter, I know it sounds cliche, but it really was better than any gift I could have gotten. I love you, Husband! Thanks for redeeming my Mama's Day, after being in the hospital all day...
I'm lucky, aren't I?


Krystle said...

This is beautiful!

Kara said...

You have a great hubby! And you are a great wife and mother! Never forget that. Happy Belated Mother's Day, Brie!

Telstaar said...

Wow, that is so amazing and genuine and wow *happy tears* xoxo

tawny said...

You all know that us sisters L O V E Bran and think he is the most amazing husband. He is so sweet and kind to you-

love him and love you. get better xoxo

Brandon said...

I love you Brie!!!

Brooke said...

Gotta love sweet love notes. Brandon is so good at expressing his feelings for you. It is so true how kids don't see the things that we don't like about ourselves or try to hide. They see the consistent things we do like Brandon said, sleeping on your pillows and bringing Cade donuts. Those small things (to you) are so HUGE to Cade. They will always impact him in such a positive way.

You are a great mama....keep it up :)

Laura said...

happy mothers day Brie

belinda said...

that is sooooo sweet :)
i'm glad you had a happy day brie