Monday, May 18, 2009

Bear Lake Bliss

I went up to the cabin in Bear Lake this weekend with my sistas and twin bro. It’s only a 2 ½ hour drive, bordering Utah and Idaho, and it was B L I S S.

I was at first a bit nervous about having Pneumonia and being an hour away from medical help if needed, but my faulty bod totally came through for me this weekend and didn’t act up more than turning asthmatic when the familia came in from a bonfire that night. (I, sadly, couldn’t make it, cuz you know smoke is one of the 57 things I’m allergic to, but ended up alright when I shooed them away from me to go groom themselves of the smell).

No hubby, no baby, just me, my book, and the beach – and lots of good company. I really think it was just what the doctor (and probably the froctor, too, no?) ordered.

I’m back to work today, just as soon as my ED doc faxes a note to my HR manager telling them I’m well enough after my week of bedrest. I should technically be there now, but was kindly (but under no uncertain terms) told that I’d have to leave without the note. So just waiting…hating my sun burnies (who knew 75 degree weather could have such an effect on olive skin?!) and thought I’d update ya’ll.

Here are a few pics of the trip, though my sisters took more on their cameras, so if there’s any fun ones they have that I don’t; I’ll totally yoink them from their blogs and put them here.

Missed you lovers!

Bretty and Brookie playing wiffle ball on el beacho.
I snapped this to look at to see if I was getting color. I decided I wasn't, and declined any sunscreen. Yeppers, t o t a l l y regretted that a few hours later...

Ang and Ambie tanning.

Ang's coolest tan line ever, that totally made me covet it, no kidding.

Me and my beautiful sissy Brookie.

Can you see my sunburn on my chest? It didn't picture very well, but feel bad for me anyway because it pains me so!

Just a picture of part of the beautiful cabin (thanks Ang for letting us come up!)

From left to right: my sis-in-law Angela, Brooke, Tawny, Misty, Amber, and me. They're all such frickin' posers! Brett isn't in the pic because he took it, but we missed my other sister Jan and our other sis-in-laws. Maybe next time we can get the whole clan together, which is, like, 58962 of us. Yay for fam! (And yay for blogging, hopefully I'll update it just a titch more regularly...)


Courtney said...

Bear Lake is the best! I can't tell you how many times I've fried myself up there, I swear the sun rays are stronger and it's very deceiving! :) I'm so glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend and that you're feeling a little better. Good luck going back to work and try to still take it easy if you can. Things have been a little crazy around here but know that I've been thinking of ya.

tawny said...

I have the cutest pic of you and Brettie playing waffle ball! I will post tonight about Bear Lake, you need to do some stealin-

So fun to chill with the sista's and Brett! Sorry about the campfire smoke, NOT SO good for your lungs sis- SO GLAD you still came even with pneumonia lungs.

So fun, love the girls, good times. AND YES you are totally FRIED!!!!!

Pattie Cordova said...

That looks like an awesome place. Similar to Big Bear Lake in CA... glad you had an great time.

Cammy said...

So many sisters! I am always amazed at your family. I'm glad that you had a good weekend.

Just curious, is this the same Bear Lake that was the site of that terrible child abuse case in the 80's?

Kara said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so glad! Thanks for the pics!

HAFC said...

You are SOOOOO lucky to have a cabin like that to go to!!! I sure would love to have something like that during those times when I just need to chill. I'm glad you all had fun and got some color (I'm so white right now you could probably see through me)!! Is your pneumonia feeling better? I hope so!! Take care girl1! : )


Glad to hear that you had a good weekend. You deserved it! God Bless!

Leticia H.

Angela and Brett said...

I am so glad you came up to my cabin!!! We had such a fun time. I am about to go out to the beach again today!!!

jana bananas said...

Sounds (and looks) like a very nice vacation! Brie, I thought you liked sunburn? Or something about peeling. I forget. Either way you're a weirdo. :) I say that with love of course.

Jackie said...

So glad you had a good time! It looked like fun, you deserved it. xoxo

Tanya said...

I am so glad you were able to have some fun and I am sorry about the burns but at least you were out in the sun. Hugs.

Kara said...

By the way -- that IS the coolest tan line I've ever seen!

kristin said...

I'm glad that you had a good getaway. I agree that that tan line is the coolest ever!

Take care, Brie.

love, kristin