Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy Migraine of Fury

What a bi-polar weekend. On the happy side, my blogger friend JB came to visit, and we all had a wicked awesome time hanging out, but on a lame note, I definitely was feeling more than a little under the weather. I’m not sure if I’ve got the Swine Flu, or if my allergies and lungs are so bad it’s making me really, really sick, but I was feverish, I had a migraine the size of Texas THE ENTIRE TIME, and my body felt like it’d been hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice.

Finally, last night, with the help of migraine meds, a painkiller, and some ibuprofen, I was able to sleep, but woke up only a few hours later with that migraine pestering me again. Holy headache of fury, it’s literally been making its home and hearth on my poor noggin for weeks now. Doesn’t that mean you have a brain tumor or something? To wake up time and time again, over and over, with the worst headache of your life? Something just doesn’t seem right about that, I dunno.

We got some nice relaxing pedicures the other day, and you know how you sit in those massage chairs while they do it? Well mine thought it would be fun to massage my arse and it was like squeezing my hips and fisting my bum hole and I was like, eaaasssssy, personal space, you know? But once I figured out how to turn that ludicrous feature off (who would want a fisted bum?) it was niiiiiice. I actually even fell asleep, but was woken quite abruptly when the nice asian lady started using that pummus stone thingy to smooth my feet or whatever. It tickled hella bad and it was all I could do to not kick her in the face. My back was arched and I was gripping the chair and I was thinking that I definitely didn’t want to pay for tickled feet and bum fisting, and also her medical bill if I gave her a black eye, but it was soon over and I promptly fell asleep again.

Not much going on this week…see the T this afternoon, and my ED MD on Wednesday. Going to buy a new stove tonight, which should be uber awesome since ours currently smells like cat wiz (no it wasn’t my cats – they are not allowed in the oven – and who in the H bomb would even let their cats in the oven?) I mean, none of this makes sense, but there is a definite smell of cat pee which is rather disconcerting and confusing. I try not to think about it. But I’ll just say that eating a Totino’s frozen pizza (which isn’t very good anyway) that tasted like it had been baked in cat wiz was so not cool. Husband was starving enough to eat it anyway, and I pitied him and his desperation. What a weirdo.

Okay, anyway. I have nothing much to say, as you can tell, and it’s time for me to med up again to try to keep this monster migraine at bay. Shoot do you think I have a brain tumor? I’m seriously worried about this.

My allergy prick doc still hasn’t called me…it’ll be interesting to see if he does, and I’ll keep you updated…


licketysplit said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling so crappy. Personally, I do not tolerate headaches well AT ALL. I like, shut down and hate the world. I superduper hope you're feeling better soon!

Kara said...

I get migraines too, and I am SUPER IMPRESSED that you were still able to moderately function and hang out with the girlies. Like licketysplit, I can't handle it and I just whine and curl up into a ball and try to futilely sleep. I'm not trying to minimize the extent of your migraine because it sounds like it was a KILLER, but I just admire you for still participating in life. I should probably try to not be such a pansy and do some life-participating with a migraine too... I hope you feel better soon!

Laura said...

pretty sure it is not a brain tumor.sounds more like the stress and anxiety of life have made a home in your head.

the pedi story is so relatable...and dont ya hate it when you are paying for relaxation, and instead, you feel uncomfortable and well, in your case, violated? I had a facial that felt like I was being stung by millions of bees.

have a good week B...water, diet coke, and sleep...that is my advice for the head ache...

Brooke said...

Girl, sorry about your monster migrane! Mom told me about it this weekend :(
Feel better--and I hope your Totinos pizzas taste normal again soon! Go Brandon (I secretly love those too)!

Jackie said...

I am considering filing a lawsuit against those damn massage chairs - I feel violated. The "fisting" motion did get my bowels moving though :)

It was so so good to see you this weekend - I really think you need to drink lots and lots and lots of WATER. As someone who suffers from migraines constantly, the minute I stop drinking enough water, they become ten times worse. So try and drink less diet coke and more water :)

Love you sugar tits!!!


P.S. I love Whit - she is quietly mean like me :)

Krystle said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy, Brie, but on the upside, your sense of humor seems to be thriving. I'm at work (real productive...) and I just about busted out laughing. I probably look as though I ought to be committed. Hehe. Feel better, kay? I hope you find out why your head hurts... *hugs*

jana bananas said...

I hope this migraine goes away soon! I have no idea what might be causing it but if it continues much longer, please get it checked out!!

Krista said...

I can't think of anything clever to write. Sorry you have a headache.

kristin said...

Poor Brie! Feel better!

I hope that doc calls you. He's such an ass.

Take care!

love, kristin

HAFC said...

As a kid I always thought, for real, that I had a brain tumor that had gone undetected for years. I had been getting migrains since elementary school and my parents FINALLY took me to a neurologist who did all these funky tests on me and yep, I was getting migrains, however, I was SO DANG SURE he was going to say I had 4 weeks left to live due to a brain tumor the size of, well, half my brain!

Sorry yours hurts so bad. I LOVE it when someone squeezes my head (above your ears) REALLY hard with both totally takes away the pain. Well, for like as long as they hold it, but sometimes even a few minutes/seconds of feeling better is worth it!! : )

HAFC said...

Oh, I forgot, it's about the swine flu. Anyway, a boy in my class yelled across the room at another girl, saying, "Hey Ann, you've got the Swiiiiiiine, don't ya?" She just came back from Mexico a week ago from a vacation. It was hilarious....he held out the "i" so much it sounded like he was telling everyone she had an std or something.

Oh, and no, she doesn't have the "swiiiiiiiiine." : )

Telstaar said...

LOL! I was sitting here and just read out your pedicure experience to Ly who proceeded to burst out laughing for about 5 min!!! It may not be amusing at the time, but makes for one very funny story now :).

awww re migraine. I had one for two years - straight so I do know what that feels like but I'll be praying that it goes away NOW and I echo what Jax says re drinking water...just fluids (non-caffeinated) really do help.



Love Telly xox