Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling Functional

It’s been awhile since I gave you a juicy, meaty update, no? So here’s what’s been going on as of late:

Still on antibiotics but feeling S O O O O MUCH BETTER. I still have the burnies when I breathe, but that’s hardly anything new, so it’s all good. I even had enough stamina to do a bit of cleaning last night, and though I’d never be one to describe cleaning as fun, (and I sure as Hell’s bells ain’t no OCD clean freak) it was so so verra nice to be able to move and use my body and not feel like an elephant was sitting on my, like, face. And, I’m pretty sure Big B was happy I could do a bit of cleaning, too. He and Whit have been Super Great People for keeping the house tidy while I was trying not to die.

So, I am optimistic. I feel better, and though I’m not all better, I’m well on my way and I’m so relieved to be able to just feel okay. I really hope I never take my physical health and vitality for granted. (That is, if I ever achieve that again…)

My froctor called today and said I have to start carrying around an epi pen in case of a severe allergic or asthmatic reaction. I actually for some reason think it’s hilarious, but will oblige him. He said that until my Xolair shots start working, because my lung functioning is so horrible, I may need it – you know, think that creepy Caulkin kid in Signs at the end when he’s like dying of asthma? So anyway he thinks that could be me minus the whole crop circle and alien and hot Mel Mel shenanigans. Yea verily.

Saw the D today. And guess what? I gained a pound, yes, it’s true, 16 ounces, go Briester! It’s better than nothing, even though it is almost nothing, but I’ll take it. :)

I’m miserably behind on blogs, and am going to try to catch up. But what with going back to work, starting to be a functional human being again, being a mom, being a wife, and just in general a really kick A person, I’ve been busy.

You know how it goes.


Penny said...

Hey, enjoyed the update. What I most liked i think is that your old humor and mostly optimistic attitude is peeking through. I love that you are feeling better but the "pen" thing scares me. But I am glad the nice doc is thinking of your emergency needs. And its nice that little C is not the type that gets into everything! So it can stay in your purse!! P.S. Your eyebrows are looking fab.

Lisa said...

Oh Brie, I'm glad things are going better. Keep tough!

zubeldia said...

Oh, froctors are the best. I have one myself :) But, dangit, Brie, you poor love, I just wish that your body was cooperate so that you could feel some wellness. You need a break, woman!

Anyway, pudding, I have to run to an u/s appointment, but I'm thinking of you.

Love, love Z

Brooke said...

Congrats on 16 oz! Go girl!

Epipen's are the bomb. You should definitely try to carry one around in your pocket. It's pretty fun to try, but merely impossible. I have to carry one for a girl at work. It sucks. I usually end up putting it in my purse. Then I lug my purse around. AHHHH!

Really though, it is a good idea. It can save your life :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, weight gain!
Briester rocks.