Friday, November 30, 2007

She Wants to Say

She wants to say Help me.
She wants to say I'm hurting.
She wants to say I'm scared.
She needs to say Something has got to change.
But instead
she swallows a bottle of pills.
I am angry because
why did she do this?
But mostly
I am worn out
with how
patiently and tirelessly
this life
will try to
kill you.


Paige said...

*sigh* I shouldn't read your blog when I'm emotional and my husband's working late. This one made me cry!

alana said...

you never cease to amaze me. i'm sorry things are so frustrating. i'm sorry you are having to watch someone you love go through something so hard. how is she doing? i hear ya about the anger, its kinda how i felt when mitch died, although his situation was very different. but in comparison, it all comes down to being reckless and careless and valuing their escape more than their responsibility to stick around for the ones that love them. and it sucks.

Emily said...

Life does indeed try to kill you. I am convinced of this.

Kate said...

I'm sorry Brie. I don't know who you are talking about. Is it a CFC sister? I agree with's a killer.

brookie said...

i hate you, but only because you make cry.........and it makes me realize (somedays) that you are right. *don't worry about me i only took one klonipin and lamictal today.

KC Elaine said...

I'm sorry you're hurting

Savannah said...

I am sorry that you are sad. I wish that there were something that I could say or do to make you feel better. Just know that I love you and I'm always here for you.

Anonymous said...

You are a hauntingly great writer. You wrote what those of us who love her, felt. Thanks for expressing the pain and fear. You are amazing and I'm grateful you understand all that you do. Its part of the amazin person that you are. Sorry I can't leave my name, as i can't figure it out except as Anonomys