Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Letter

I woke up today. The first thing I thought was,
“Crap (okay, substitute that for a curse word). I have to write that…that letter today.
That letter. "
I’ve been avoiding it for…let’s see…weeks now.
But it’s time.
How do I tell the one person that I admire more than anyone else in the world – more than Mother Theresa and Princess Di and whoever invented mustard and lip gloss - that I am angry with them? How can you worship someone but want to sob and scream and tell them all the ways in which they let you down?
How can you love someone and hate them at the same time?
And how do I write this letter?


Whit said...


I know that you have been dreading this letter more than anything in the world, but maybe it will be good to get all that anger out! I can't imagine how confusing it must be to look up to someone so much but still to be frustrated beyond belief. As confused as you feel, maybe it will help.

You are an amazing person, and I have total faith that you can do this. Remember that you don't have to give it to her. It's just for you. I love you so much!


BW said...

I must not be on the in and in with this letter. Please write me a personal email and let me know what's up. Even give me a call. I love you sis.

Anonymous said...

Bri I just thought I would comment on your blog. Thanksgiving sucks I cooked the whole meal myself and then cleaned up the mess then later family came over for pie and it happened all over again. Damm indians and really I mean that what is the whole thing about eating from what Iour country created half of the food comes from mexico or china or who the hell knows where else!!! I love the sweet story aobut cade i love my children but sometimes lose sight of why they are here and the little special spirits that are inside of them! Who are you going to confront I am probably the last per son who you would want to tell, but do what your heart says and stand up for yourself it feels damm good I have been doing it lately in a nice way and I feel impowered in a way I think i never have before so go for it girl!!thanks for adding me to your blog I would really like to get to know you better I think we would really get along! Britta