Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who me? A Catophile?

This is what I am. Apparently.
A Catophile.
It's true.
It's Brandon's new nickname for me.
See, I just think I love my cats too much.
Is that even possible?
The big problem is, I've begun to inappropriately flirt with them. First off, I'm married, and second of all, they're, you know, cats.
I affectionately refer to Bobbi (See picture. She's twenty-five pounds, by the way, still more than Cade) as my Urban Cowboy.
It doesn't sound outright dirty, but oh. It is.
And then there's Hairy.
My Mental Kitten.
I have a special love I reserve for this amazing fur-ball of joy.
I told her that her "...eyes were deep wells of fathomless love and beauty," and that she "made me feel like a woman."
See this is what I'm talking about.
It comes out before I even know what's happening.
I have no control, I swear.
So it's official.
I'm a crazy cat lady.
I'll be the person in years to come who lives in a nasty apartement with thirty-seven cats watching re-runs of "Golden Girls" all day while knitting kimonos and leg-warmers for the cats.
And you know what?
I'm okay with this.
The Crazy Cat Lover has embraced her weirdness!
Oh PS: I'm not going to really, you know, let my flirting become anything physical. I'm committed to my marriage.


Kyla said...

so playful you are! I'm glad you're committed to your marriage. Any change you want to foster my Happy kitty for some time? I'm looking for a temporary home from her, although she does hate other kitties...(she might get over this). but aside from asking you favors, what a fun poem!

alana said...

dirty dirty miss brie....
but as we all know,
[a dirty book is never dusty]

Heather said...

I've always known you as a cat pervert...in the kindest of ways. Didn't you used to take baths with your cat? :) I thought so.

Paige said...

Brie, I could read your stuff all day. You need to write a book and then, you know, let me read it. YUCK about the catophilia though ;)

brydelle said...

Oh Brie! You and your amazing cat pick up lines. I laughed the entire time I was reading this, and all the people in the library stared at me like I was crazy. You are beautiful, and so are your cats!

Brandon said...

As all of your friends begin to tell you how cool it is to be a cat person, keep in mind that they are not actually trying to tell you it is cool to include your cats in your wildest fantasies. That is when you have left the realm of cool and are flirting with the realm of possible jail time in most states. Also thanks for choosing me over the felines, I feel... proud?