Monday, November 26, 2007

On Anger

I hate being angry over something I have no control over.
But I let it eat at me anyway, gnawing at the soft pink of my heart and stomach until I feel physically sick.
Don’t you detest hearing something second-hand?
Do you ever wish that the complainer themselves would brave the potential fear and embarrassment and talk to you directly rather than whisper to some puppet to mimic back to you?
And I am not a scary person to talk to.
I’m like a baby kitten, seriously.
The anger is still gnawing away, tugging at my heart strings.
I really do feel sick.


alana said...

well my dear, i'm not sure if given your mood, kitten is how i would describe you! but i can totally validate your complaint at feeling like an ending recipient in a telephone game. that totally sucks. i always want to confront the person and bitch em out for it...too bad i never do it, huh?! ;)

Heather said...

Go throw some china plates (or any kind will do) at your basement walls.....concrete works best. Or maybe, if you can't do it there, in your bathtub or driveway? I just did that a couple weeks ago and man did it feel good! I left with not a care in the world and half a dozen broken plates scattered at my feet. And if that doesn't work.....try playing that telephone game with this "second-hand" person and say something mean. Or say it to the one you're actually mad at., throwing all gets so damn complicated and tricky, doesn't it? But raw emotions do get to us.... there's no lie in that....I hear ya there. And no, you're not difficult to talk to...a bit delicate maybe (but aren't we all?), but not difficult.