Friday, November 23, 2007

On What the Prospect of A Discount Will Do To America:

It makes them go insane. Certifiably.
Raving middle-aged mothers will rip off your left arm if you're clutching the last Tickle Me Elmo that her six year old whiner insists on getting for Christmas.
So, wow.
Last night I had the lapse in judgemennt for the second year running to amble on over to the mall at midnight for some Black Friday shopping. Yes folks, I sad midnight. And while my experience pushing away desperate fellow americans out of my personal space vastly was improved over my malnourished body nearly getting crushed in a mob last year, while I and my two best friends shared a bottle of anti-anxiety meds, it was still quite unpleasant, but completely irresistible.
Why is this?
I, like my fellow desperate american mothers, was stalking a deal.
The Deal To End All Deals.
And, well, I found it!


Brooke Wilson said...

I have been there, done that! I hate black Friday. I am happy to say that I am one of the few that does not get worked up for a bargain. Sleep (at this point in my life) is much more appealing. I'd rather not see crazy mexicans at Walmart that early!

Heather said...

I simply can't believe you got through all that without having a freakin' panic attack! I go into Wal-mart on a Saturday afternoon and nearly pass out due to the ominous feeling of walking through the streets of a third-world country cuz it's so crowded!

pppen said...

I only got to shop at Shopco and All I could think to but there was toilet paper. So I cried a bit for myself and then tried to feel grateful that I did not have your kind of fun!