Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Joy of Ear Plugs

Brandon was up last night vomiting up what sounded like pretty important insides, and was coughing loud enough to blow out my ear drums. Despite the fact he went and slept on the couch, he still kept me awake with his bodily retches and chain saw-esque noises.
So my epiphany came: ear plugs. Yay!
I slept for nearly four hours straight, which I haven't done in ages between a sick husband and baby.
It's amazing what a little R&R will do for you, you know?


brydelle said...

Poor Bran. Is he feeling okay now? I hope so. This one also made me laugh, and I had to show it to my roommate! You are an amazing Daughter of God, and you should wake up every morning and tell yourself "I rock harder than anyone I know. Hell yes."

Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

Brie you are so hilarious where have you been all my life I love how you say stuff.