Thursday, June 21, 2012

New House Adventure Week 17

Hello friend lovers!

This week has been very exciting regarding our house adventure.  They have done so much, and looking at the house tonight totally got me all excited.  All of the little details are starting to go in, and it's making me supah excited to see the finished product.

This week they finished the stucco, though they haven't painted it.  They started the stone work on the outside of the house, they started painting the interior, started putting on base boards, put up the board and batten in the living room and mudroom, finished the window seat and shelving around it, (my favorite part of the house!) and did shelving in all the closets and pantries.

Have a look!

What the house looks like on the outside so far.  The stucco goes on really dark, but they're going to repaint it to a lighter color.  You can also see they started the stone work...

A closer view of the stucco.  Sowwy I look so rough around the edges - kind of a long day!

A closer view of the front of the house and the stones.  So, I told them I wanted our stones to look really rough and uneven.  EVERY other house in our community has really nice and neat and orderly looking stones.  All of those people are OCD!  I LOVE how they look uneven and rough and dirty.  Heh.

The board and batten in the living room.  Obviously they haven't painted the whole wall yet, so it's kind of hard to tell how fa-reaking cool it's going to look.

Cade posin' in the pantry.

Brandon displaying the board and batten and cubby holes in the mud room.

My FAVORITE part of the house!  The window and shelving and love seat nestled in our stairs.  This adds all the personality to our house, and was seriously one of the major selling points to me when we picked this floor plan.  I am so excited to walk past here every day and see the kitties nestled by the window and all my favorite books and pictures on the shelves.  :)

A view of our master closet...bad camera-woman here cut off Bran.  Sorry lover!  :/

A view of Mila's closet with the crown molding around the door.  It's actually really spacious for an almost one year old!

Another view of the board and batten.

One last picture before we go, looking "super tough," as Cade insisted we pose!

So, lots of exciting stuff.  We are still hoping to move in by the end of next to say that I'm moving NEXT MONTH tickles me to no end!  I am happy with how well this house stuff is turning out and with how beautiful it is.  :)


Colleen said...

I love your pantry! ... is that weird? too bad! I love it. and I won't be ashamed. haha

The house is coming along great :)

Liz said...

Wow, it's looking so great.

Sarah Hope said...

Window seat and book shelves? Awesome, awesome.

Brittney said...

I love your house! It is beautiful already.

bri said...

Looks fabulous brie! I love it!!!!