Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Day at the Aquarium

I decided to pack up the kids this afternoon and spend some time at the aquarium.  They recently got otters, so we decided to go check out the otter action.  Cade got himself all ready and decked out in his Official Explorer Outift (including a water canteen) and we were ready!

And they were asleep.  Seriously, just a giant pile of sleeping pelts.  Couldn't even tell if they were otters or beavers.

I kind of wanted them to be beavers.
Beavers are cool

But they weren't.

Didn't they get the memo that they're not supposed to sleeping during business hours?  Bad for bidnass.


However, we still had fun!

I have recieved 75 requests to read my blog - keep them coming!

My favorite request?

My name is Brandon and I am totally stalking you. I watch you go to the bathroom, shower, and get dressed all of the time. My world will be devastated if I can't follow you on the blog anymore, so please don't let privacy get in the way of my obsession with you!

Doesn't even matter that we're married.

Still creepy as all get-out.  :)

I am at peace with my decision to go el privato.

Feel better.

If you missed my last post, and don't know what I'm talking about read my blog post -->HERE<-- and get me a request to read my blog ASAP.  The change will be coming in a few days!

Hope everyone is having a great day.  Today mostly sucks because it is Thursday, and not Friday.  Keep thinkin the weekend is coming, so I'm bummed every time I still remember I have another day to drag through before I get me some Brandon time.

But I'll make it!

And I'm starting my job tomorrow - cross your fingers for me!

Happy Thursday everyone.  :)


Liz said...

Otters. Can't live with em, can't get em to do tricks.
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
I do love Cade's outfit, he looks like a litte Steve Irwin

Krista said...

We were there just yesterday. We got to see the otters when they were feeding them so they were running about. Did Cade see the "bird poop" frog? That was all Jax talked about after.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

If I was an otter, I would totally wake up if Cade came to see me in that outfit. I mean, how RUDE are they?! :-)

po said...

I love the penguin size picture. Good luck on your first day at work!

Cammy said...

Yay for the aquarium! Cade is incredibly cute in his explorer outfit. ;)

What species of otter do they have? A lot of them are nocturnal, which makes them kind of dull to watch if they're not in a night-simulation exhibit...they are SO fun to watch when they're active, though, total clowns!

Shannon said...

Stupid otters. They have been asleep every time we have gone to the aquarium since they arrived. Lame. Still looks like a pretty fun trip. I LOVE Cade's explorer outfit. Too cute!

emo said...

That's fun you went. Maybe we can take our kids together sometime. I was kinda bummed I didn't have my car that day.(Craig has days every once in a while where he works like 12-8:30pm, so I decided it is a perfect way to save gas and he can drop us off at my moms and they can actually play on some grass)I was thinking of inviting ourselves to go with ya. :)
Next time maybe?!