Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Time

Well, Mila has something she shared with me tonight, that she wanted all of you to know:

Yep.  That's right.  After 4 1/2 years, Blogxygen is going to go private.

I've been debating about doing this for a LONG time.  I have so many pros and cons.  I am mostly sad to not be public to the vast majority of my readers who are lurkers and who never comment, but enjoy my blog anyway and get some motivation or inspiration from it.  I am sad that I may not be able to reach or help as many people as I had been able to do, while public.

But I'm also tired of how very public my blog is, and of how after everytime I hit the post button, I feel vulerable and exposed.  I don't like feeling that way.  And I shouldn't.  I also feel like I need to protect my kids more, and with Cade going to a new school and us moving to a new city, this is an opportunity to start completely fresh and to feel completely safe.  It's not really just about me anymore, but Brandon and Cade and Mila, too.  They deserve privacy where privacy is due.  And I believe it is due, here.

And so I think that by going private, I'll be able to be more in control of who reads, and thus I may feel more comfortable posting more real stuff about me, and maybe even my family and my kids.

So, please, if you'd like an invite, please shoot me an email at

And tell me a little bit about yourself, and how you know me, (if you do) and a little bit about why you would like to continue to read Blogxygen - oh, and if you have a blog, please send me the URL so that I can peruse it and get to know you a bit more.  I am going to be a little selective about who I let read, just for privacy's sake, but if you can relate to me why you want to read, and if I feel your motivations are safe and okay, then I will send you an invite.

I'm sorry to do this to you guys.  I know readership will go down; that's just the nature of having a private blog vs. a public blog.  But I HAVE to do this.  It's not really an option anymore.  And maybe I can explain more, once my blog is safely private and I feel more in control of who is reading what.

I will leave this post up for several days, giving people plenty of time to see it and request an invite, if you'd like one.

So, this isn't the end or anything - just a new, different chapter for Blogxygen.  I hope you'll continue on with me.  I've still got lots to share with you guys and learn from you.


Arielle Lee Bair said...

I completely respect your decision. Sending my email now. :-)

Danielle C. said...

I think you are doing what's best for the babies. And you've reached a new perspective And healthy goal in your life. Which is huge. And highly respected. Thanks for sharing always! Plus. Those days are gone. And you need positive feedback from those tht care and love you. (:

Sia Jane said...

I respect your decision too.
Especially now you have a growing family <3

Cammy said...

I really agonized over the decision too, and to be completely honest it does kind of sting to see readership drop so much. BUT I have definitely felt much safer, more free, and overall like I traded quantity of readers for quality of experience after I was able to share so much with a limited group of very caring people. Totally respect this decision that you're making, especially considering your family's privacy on top of everything else.

t. said...

I totally get going private. And agree that with the move, etc, it's a great time to do so. I'll be hitting you up for an invite!

Laura said...

makes sense to me.

i found great peace in shutting comments off.
amazing how much more honest and confident my writing became once I didn't feel like I was writing to get a reaction.

good luck...write that an awesome mama and wife..and pray often.


CH said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, when you mentioned wanting to protect your family, and I think that's a great reason to go private.
I think you will enjoy the new "freedom" of going private, just because you can control who reads it, and no more worrying :)
I think Mila made a great choice when she made her decision tonight ;)!

alriggells said...

I would LOVE an invite.

Love you and think your decision is very good.

Withholder said...

I've always enjoyed checking in every now and then for your humor and inspiration. I understand going private. I keep mine on the DL to.
good luck with everything!

Britnie Moon