Friday, June 8, 2012

First Day

I have the new job jitters!  I'm sure all will go well, but I am still having a bit of anticipatory anxiety over it all - like, what do I wear?  How do I do my hair?  Should I get there 15 minutes early to show that I am a punctual person?  Or does that make  me look too eager?  I seriously feel like this is my first day of junior high, or something.  What if I can't open my locker?  Or what if the 9th graders make fun of me?  What if I get lost and can't find my Algebra class?

Ahhhh I'm having flashbacks!!!!!

I have been out of the workforce for a year, and I feel so out of practice - and besides, my old job was so different - you had to dress really nice and you more or less talked in quiet voices and did your work in your cubicle - this new job is so different - very hands on and I get to go grubby in jeans and I'm excited about all this but it's just such a huge change from what I'm used to!

Hopefully tomorrow's blog post will be all about how successful my shift went,  and about how much I love my job, etc.

If not...
Does anyone know of any places that are looking to hire a really cool person?  ;)
Only kidding, kittens.  I am anticipating that this job is going to last for a very long time.

Hope everyone's Friday is fab. And hope the weekend goes well too!  I plan on doing nothing, really.  Aside from visiting the house to view its progress, and to NOT get a headache the size of Texas. 

That is all.

By the way - I'm going with light pink capri's and a purple shirt.  You thinky that looky okaysies? 


Also, if you are totally behind the times and don't know yet, this is a reminder that Blogxygen is going PRIVATE!  Get me your request at ASAP.  I don't have a specific day (yet) of when it will go private, but it is within this next week - I'll let you know exactly when, as soon as I do.  I have gotten hundreds of requests, and I am tickled people still want to be a part of this blog.  So if you are one of them that hasn't yet requested, please do so!

My name is Brie and I really want you to still read.  So send me those emails!


Shannon said...

Good luck with the new job! Ive had the same job for 7 years...go me?

Also, you best be adding me to your reading list

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Good luck today! I hope you feel comfortable and relaxed at your new place of work very quickly. :-)

Sia Jane said...

Just to say; you would not be normal if you were not totally freaking out in every possible way about your new job.
Think about how the interview felt.
You survived that and this now, will be with people you have met, and it will be fabulous, I am sure <3

Jenn said...

i hope your first day went really well! it's always nerve-wracking the first day but then you settle into it and everything because good ; )

Sarah Hope said...

Hope the day went well! :) New jobs can be nerve wracking and exciting...hope you got to experience some of the latter!

Liz said...

I'm positive that you'll do great. I hope you had an amazing first day, and your outfit sounds super cute.

Laur said...

I bet your day went great! can't wait to hear about it!

Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Hope your first day went well. :)

Ash said...

Good luck at your new job!!! :) Sometimes I want to get a job, but I don't think the squeak or I could handle it. Just adult interaction daily would be fabulous though!

Ash said...

Good luck at your new job!!! :) Sometimes I want to get a job, but I don't think the squeak or I could handle it. Just adult interaction daily would be fabulous though!

Cammy said...

Good luck Brie! Just remember you are a super capable, intelligent, impressive person and anyone would be lucky to have you as an employee. And if you get nervous and doubt that, I am here to remind you whenever you need! =)

Can't wait to hear about it, thinking of you.

brie said...

thank you for all the well wishes. :) i survived my first day - got home around midnight and crawled into bed, exhausted. i'll blog a bit about it soon!


IJustDontKnow said...

home at midnight?! intriguing. i trust your first shift went well and you are feeling more comfortable about it. how did la familia do without you?