Monday, June 11, 2012


Blogxygen is going private TOMORROW. 

A few things regarding this:

I have recieved HUNDREDS of requests to read my blog, once private.  It is going to take me several days to go through all the requests and get the invites sent out to you guys.  SO, if you happen to notice Blogxygen is private, but haven't yet recieved an invite to read, please do not freak out!  It just means I am busy and doing my best to sort through everyone; I anticipate that this will take me 5-7 days.  So, please, be patient!  You will get your invite within the next week.

I look forward to going private because I think it is going to help me feel more liberated with my writing.  I am happy I will feel safer, and that Cade and Mila and Brandon will have a little more privacy, as well.

This isn't a bad thing - it's actually going to work out very, very well.  So, this'll be my last post as a public blog.  Maybe my first post as a private blog will be full of juicy secrets, hee hee.  Who knows?

Love you all, hope to see you on the other side.

And if you had no idea Blogxygen was going private, and want an invite, read the information



Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Oh my goodness. This has me more anxious then the time I was counting down the days until Black Friday so I could get in line with the masses and be one of the first people to get their hands of a Furby (what can I say... I was in the 9th grade and Furbys were totally in).

Actually... This might be even better, with seeing if you are the lucky one to score entrance into the blog that is Blogxygen. It's somewhat comparable to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So many people are hoping for a Golden Ticket (aka, entrace to continue to read your blog), yet not everyones dreams and wishes will be granted.

brie said...

you're worrying too much! i just need to make sure that someone isn't a total creeper, and that's basically my only requirement for reading blogxygen - that you are nice and not trying to stalk me or hurt me in some way.

Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Um. Girlfriend, worrying is what I do best.. Lol! :) luv ur face!

Arielle Lee Bair said...

See you on the other side. :-)

agoraphob said...!! Let's try again next weekend?

firefly said...

hey Bree : I'm not a creeper. Just quiet. I love your blog. I'm very selective with blogs I do read. Think I keep up with five at the most but some are not very active. I often don't read blogs for a week then catch up.My blog is private but no one reads it anyways. I don't post much and since they changed things a while back I can't figure out how to post to it. Blah I would send you my e-mail but not sure your e-mail address.

bri said...

I love u brie cant wait for my invite:) hope u are having a good week! Xx

Laur said...

Hey, I guess you made another cut and made it more private, and I didn't make the cut. I will miss reading. I wish you well.