Saturday, June 30, 2012

A General Update

Why hello, gentle readers.

How goes things in the blogosphere?  I have been so busy that I am a little behind on the happenings of Blog Land.  So, here's an update:

The house stuff is coming along and fabulous - but I am obviously going to do a separate post for that, (hopefully tomorrow) so I'll leave things at that.  But it is taking up a lot of brain time and we are going to get ready to start packing some stuff up in the next week or two.

Photo - enjoying some ice cream...

Work stuff is great.  I love it because no two shifts are ever the same!  Sometimes the girls are aggravating and annoying, (let's just be honest here) but most of the time they are really beautiful and awesome.  It's weird to think that I used to be in their place...sitting in a treatment center, sad and confused and hopeless.  I'm on the other side now.  I get to tell them that they can do it.  Because if I can, then anyone can.  I'm proof that recovery (from whatever bad behavior or addiction) is possible.  Seeing these girls change and make progress gives me hope for me, too.  This is so cheesy, but I seriously just think change is a beautiful thing.  I'm so lucky that I've changed for the better, and I love being able to go to work every day and see these girls blossom and change.  That is -- when they're not cussing me out or punching walls.  ;)

Loving our summer so far.  We are spending lots of time at parks and the pool.  Cade is coming out of his shell more and more every day, and I love watching him just transform into this really cool little boy.  Mila is loving the pool and spending time outside.  Won't say much more about her now, because I owe you all an 11 month update on her - which I'll get to soon, I swearsies.

Photo - Miss Mila is FLYING at the BBQ we went to with friends tonight. 

Recovery stuff is going better, but it is still a challenge.  I've decided I HATE three things:  denial, complacency, and justification.  Because those three things hang me up EVERY FREAKING DAY and get in the way of me really pursuing weight gain.  It is a struggle but I am doing it, even if it's a little slowly.  I will admit that I am really not that thrilled to be gaining weight, so having the motivation to eat a lot A LOT every day sucks.  My motivation seems to wax and wan, and that is what is getting me in trouble.  But I am making progress, and more freaking importantly, I refuse like hell to give up.  So I WILL get there!


Jenn said...

glad you are really enjoying your job ; ) when we help others, we help ourselves become stronger in the process. and i know you are touching those girls lives too. it's always so important to have people who have been in similiar shoes as you in treatment. i know for me, throughout my treatment, i felt "safer" sometimes with people who i knew "truly" understood what i was going through. so i know you are helping them <3

Colleen said...

The girls are really lucky to have you working there. An ED/addiction is sometimes so lonely, and I bet those girls appreciate that you actually "get it". I also find it easier to trust people who actually understand the hell of it all, simply because I know my feelings won't be minimized or looked down on.
Your compassion, empathy and humor will make a great combination for these girls in their road to recovery.

They are really blessed to have you there :)

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Yes, you will get there!