Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss 10 Months

Mila turned 10 months on the 27th of May - I am behind on the documentation because of Mexico and my brief blogging hiatus.

So without further adieu, here's some morsels on what the chica has been up to:

Mila is an all-out crawler now - it is the cutest thing.  She started crawling at about 9 1/2 months, and she is EVERYWHERE.  I turn my eyes for like 3 seconds and she's across the room, eating stale popcorn out of the corner or Cade's left over fruit snacks off the coffee table.  But it's edible, so I don't mind!  :)  She is already pulling herself up and balancing on the sofa, and occasionally she'll balance for a second or two on her own, not holding onto anything.  I can't believe she's already progressing to standing so fast; and I have a feeling in a month or two she'll be walking.  She LOVES to move and never wants to sit still anymore, which is a good and bad thing, I guess.  Love it because it gives  me some more free time, but hate it because I have had to double the time I spend vacuuming; the little stinker eats everything.  The other day I found part of a fruit snack wrapper in her poop.  Scooby Doo kind, if you're wondering.   ;)

Mila can also clap on command and give you a high-five.  If you say CLAP! she immediately stops what she's doing and claps her hands together, and then waits for us to ooh and aah and say yaaaaaayyyyy, all while clapping joyfully.  She's such a performer!  We are also working on her waving hello and bye bye, and she does it about half the time.

Mila's newest nickname is Ptera (as in Pteradactyl - I have no idea if I actually spelled that right!) or Rex or Little Rexie, because she is always growling and screeching like a dinosaur.  I still call her  Sissy and Punkin Princess or Punkin Pie, mostly. 

I think we should actually start calling her Garbage Disposal, because this little human being eats more than I ever thought possible!  She'll eat ANYTHING AND NEVER STOP.  Such a shining example to her mama!  Heh.  She's still only about in the 5th percentile for weight, which astonishes me, because she never stops eating.  She's definitely filling out a bit though, and while she can still fit in some of her 3-6 month stuff, she is mostly wearing 6-9 months - which is still small, but at least she's gettin there!

Mila totally sleeps through the night now, and nights when we have to wake up to feed her a bottle are a rarity around here.  She goes to sleep around 8:30 pm and wakes up around 9:00 am.   This makes me very happy!

Anyway, I am just so in love with Mila and her charming little personality.  She is so happy and brave and outgoing and smart and perfect and I SWEAR I am not biased at all!


Brandon said...

She is my special baby girl, and I know she will one day cause me to invest some time into purchasing a shotgun to keep away the undesirables. I love that babe!

Liz said...

10 months already, she is growing so fast. You'll have to take some video of her crawling and clapping and post it.

CH said...

She is so beautiful and seems like a genuinely happy baby :)

Also, I love Brandon's comment about the "undesirables", haha

Katie said...

She is so beautiful!

brie said...

Oh yeah! And she still has NO teeth on the horizon!

simonattic said...

What a cutie!

She always looks so happy!

po said...

I am not biased and she is adorable!

Femina Scribens said...

She is such a gorgeous girl and you can just see her personality shining in those pics. You guys hit the lottery!