Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday, ho hum.

Went to work, and then picked up my baby boy from the sitter.

Wandered up to my parents
Mom made me a delicious grilled cheese.
I headed down to therapy after that.
Very sad because I am trying
to learn
to love myself.

I want to cry about it but I can’t.
Sometimes my throat is so tight
I feel like I’m choking.

I came home
threw myself into Brandon’s arms.

We lied together on the bed; I snuggled in the crook of his arm
he lazily
tickled circles on my back.

And I realized that
this was the first time
in a long time
that I have felt
completely ohso completely

I kissed him, I thanked him
for loving me.

Because if he can,
I can, too.

Then Whit and I
went on
a walk with Lil C
in the stroller.

We talked about things
we only tell each other.

We watched Lil C play
on the playground
and were
Because his was infectious.

And I felt a little better.

I came home and
needed more hugs from Brandon.

To feel alive
and safe.

And then I fell asleep.
I was calm.


ghost girl (saa) said...

That is really beautiful.

(glad you are back)


sona said...

Hi Brie, it seems to me you have a lot of people who really love you in your life, and whom which you can be open about things with...thats important : ) thanx for sharing, x

Penny said...

I think that you are LUCKY sometimes that you are sensitive. Its so much better than the alternative. And you married a sensitive man. So much better than the alternative.

Telstaar said...

Miss B, beauty in its fullest form radiates from you. I love you. xo

Courtney said...

I love love LOVE this poem! Not much else to say right now but that you are pretty amazing.

Oh, and fyi that dietitian I was telling you about isn't at the same clinic as MB anymore, I think she started her own thing and I can send you her website if you want.

tawny said...

ahhh I loved that.

Laur said...

I liked that, you are lucky to have such a great hubby!

Laura said...

sounds like a good day to me
little things, remember
it is the little things
like a pair of safe arms
that are BIG