Friday, July 17, 2009

'Lil Update

Good morning my love birds. I suppose ‘tis been awhile since I’ve given you a brief update, so here it is:

The sister trip was amazing. What’s not so amazing? Uploading the 2 dozen or so pics I took of the vacay. But I will, soon, I promise. (She says, sweetly.)

Lungs are doing well; they always are during the summer. In fact I was on the elliptical last night for about 40 minutes and it felt so delicious to use my bod again, to sweat. Really burned off so much anger and anxiety I’ve been dealing with lately, and I’ll totally take the endorphins(!)…and I didn’t even get worn out, or anything. Somehow, in this crazy crazy ironic world, I must still be a teensy bit in shape from back in the marathon days.

Speaking of anxiety – were we? Whatever. It’s worse than it’s been in a very, very long time, I’m sad to report. Just a lot of stuff going on in my life, a lot of changes, and the Briester not be likin’ change. My doc gave me a high dose of Zyprexa to take at night for the anxiety and to help me sleep, only it’s a large enough dose to fell a horse, so I cut it in half and still feel pretty bleary eyed this morning. I think I might cut it in thirds, because I hit snooze this morning like 7 times and pretty sure that wasn’t a good idea because I plopped Lil C over to the babysitter in his pajamas and hadn’t even had time to change his diaper this morning; unfortunately she’ll have to get him ready. Woops.

I've recently found out that I adore semi-colons. ;;

Seeing the big H.P. #6 tonight, woot woot. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the movie; some say it was dark and weird and gloomy and others loved it. Personally, the 6th in the series was my favey book, so I’m hoping the movie won’t let me down. That darn Hermione Granger is quite the little doll, isn’t she? I kinda wanna put her in my pocket and just keep her.

Other than that, not much else. Still looking for a D, still working, still swimming lots, still just plugging along. Still loving my hubby, still like snuggling with the mini-boy, still kind of for reals in love with my cats.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Go, like, do a good deed or something.
My name is Brie and I totally approve of the previous sentence.


Krista said...

You gunna swim today cause it's HELLA hot outside? If you C and W ever want to hit the pool this way let me know or I'd love to try where ever you guys go.

Anxiety blows. I feel for ya on that one.

tawny said...

Love the elliptical too. I bet it did feel good a bit. Just be careful.....!!

and come to the pool today 1:00 ish! Bring lil C and diet coke fo'sure!

Fun reading about your week! and did you know your bday is in a wk and a half! woohoo!

c you soon

Tame Sláinte said...

Take good care of yourself with the exercise. How are you compensating for the exertion on the elliptical? I always run into problems w/ eatingbefore/after working out unless I plan ahead!

Keely said...

I went to the midnight show of Harry Potter (only 'cause I didn't work on wednesday) and I thought it was great! The best of the movies thus far.

I am so glad your lung are doing okay. :) (hug)

Penny said...

I love blogland. I love catching up with your life. I can't imagine writing a blog because mine would be boring!!!!However, I love feeling connected to you through your words. Very cool thing. Thanks for taking the time to share. Love ya,

sona said...

This is strange, but I must tell you - I also Love semi colons! I discovered them in English class when I was 14/ 15 and am so delighted to know someone else loves them too - : ) funny, but I'm actually serious, they're not given enough credit!

Glad to hear you're keeping well, take care with the exercise.X

Kara said...

Thanks for the update, Brie. I tend to like semicolons a ot too - ; ; ; ; .

I'm glad you had a great sisters mini-vacay. I'm sorry that you are so anxious though. Anxiety BLOWS. Hopefully your body will get used to the Zyprexa and you won't feel like you had a run in with a truck every morning. The same thing happened to me with Trazedone. It wiped me out in the beginning, but as I continued to take it, it was easier and easier to get up in the mornings.

Take care of yourself, girl!

Telstaar said...

Hey lovely!

I like reading about your life, it sucks re anxiety though... and even more that the "fix" makes you so sleepy! Did you end up cutting it in thirds? Did that help? (I am curious as to how one can cut a tablet into thirds but meh heheh!!)

Yay for elliptical trainers and the ability to use one! That's great that you were able to go for 40 minutes! I can walk for that length but never have been able to use the trainers for that long, after 5 minutes I normally can't keep going! I'm very suitably impressed!!

Love you miss, chatter soon k??

Always Telly xox

Brooke said...

Glad your lungs held up on the elyptical. Missed you today up at Mom's. Hope to see you tomorrow!