Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Weekend

Good morning, my sweet little kittens. I hope you have a lovely weekend and holiday; mine was actually pretty swell.

Friday I didn’t have to work AND it was a paid holiday, so I was like lounging around or at the mall, and I kept saying to myself, “I’m getting PAID for this!” and it felt amazing. It also helped ease the pain of suffering from buyer’s remorse at Buckle, haha. ;)

Saturday, the big IN-DE-PEN-DENCE Day, was fun too. Big B and Lil C and I went to lunch, followed by a game of bowling, where I tried to learn to spin the ball. I’m a semi-good but semi-inconsistent straight bowler, and I decided it was time to become hard-core like all the other people I bowl with, who usually have nice full beards or like to drink gallons of beer. Since I have neither a beard nor beer to help me bowl, I need to just learn to spin the ball like all the hard-coresies do. Spinning is hard, even with Cade’s Mama, (my beloved bright pink bowling ball) and she was thrown in the gutter many a time. Patience, Brie, le patience. It’ll come.

We then went and saw the second Transformers movie, and can I just say OH, CHILD, NO? I luuurved the first, Shia LaBeouf was hot AND funny, my favorite combo in the male species, but in this one, MAN, so many plot-holes, but more importantly, Shia just wasn’t very funny. PLUS the movie was 3 hours long, which is at least an hour too long in my opinion. And then, omg, AND THEN – just two words: ROBOT HEAVEN. After that scene, I was just spent. Robots do not go to heaven. Even if they are cool. That one, according to Yahoo, was plot-hole number 10. Are movies even allowed to have that many plot-holes? So yeah, Shia, you looked good. And Megan Fox, you did too for that matter. But yowza. Please, oh please, do not let there be a Transformers 3. It’s time to let go, you know?

THEN then then we had a fun BBQ up at my parental’s with my sibs and their kids. Yummy hamburgers, (my dad BBQ’s the BEST ones!) and fresh fruit and homemade chili, yum. Then we frolicked at Big B’s parents to watch fireworks and light some of our own (ahem, illegal) ones. Big B and I decided to get on their roof to see them better, but once we were on it I had a mild to moderate panic attack because I was SO SURE I was going to throw myself off the roof, and then I decided the fireworks were going to hit me, and every time one was shot in the air I screamed and clawed B's poor arm, so Big B thought it best I get down. ALSO found out I’m allergic to roofs, that’s number 59 in a long list of allergens. My hands and elbows where I had touched the roof got hives all over them. Why am I so weird and broken?? WHO ELSE IN THE WORLD IS ALLERGIC TO ROOFS? Haha.

Sunday I did some cleaning, lotsa cleaning. Seriously, like half a dozen loads of laundry, and I also had to wipe/cut poo off of Hairy’s bum. The poor thing has such an EXPLOSION of fur all over her body, it’s gotten in the way of her a-hole. So I cut it all back, trimmed the hedges, so to speak, so she can go number twosies without needing help from Mommy to clean it up. It was so gross for me, but why do I feel worse for her? I mean, I think she lost some dignity while I was digging around her butt. But I think she’ll bounce back, the little skipper.

Okay, not much went on afterward. Finished a book in less than 24 hours called The Bright Forever. It was a runner up for the Pulitzer, and it was quite the somber novel, but I do recommend it. I think it’ll make you realize and be grateful that you have love in your life. Go get it from the library if you have time, unless like me, you have a fine of (and this is not a joke) $237.58. Darn DVD’s and books I lost in the move. I’m such a bad person…

Back to work, back to life, today I actually have to get paid to WORK, so I should bid you adieu. Have a good day!


Kerri said...

Hmm, you know with all these things you react to (like the roof!) I am starting to wonder if it because the ED issues and stress are just what has effected your immune system and that when you get to your goal weight, and maybe some life stress eases up, if maybe you won't react to EVERYTHING like that? I only ask because I have been through some rough times in my life and I have noticed when I am the least physically healthy (usually I am also fairly stressed then too) that I react to a lot of things. I moved (across country) a few months ago, and within 2 days of moving I was completely unable to leave my bed. My joints were so swollen and painful it hurt to just get up and go to the washroom. I got hives that week just from using a wool blanket, one that I had used many times before, and couldn't go near anything with wool for a month. Then when I had been there for a few weeks, all these weird symptoms started to go away. This isn't the first time I have had that sort of thing happen, but usually it was just weird hives or breathing troubles, not the painful joints. Anyway sorry for the long comment, I am just wondering if that may be a big part of the problem? And yet another reason to keep working on getting healthy, despite your current body issue set back-- which sucks, but I know how that goes too. Well, I am glad you had a GREAT weekend otherwise!

brie said...

hi kerri, yes, that could be very likely. my anxiety is much higher when i am feeling compromised, whether it be physically or emotionally. i'm starting to feel a bit better, though, which is great. :) thanks for the comment.

G.H. said...

Mmmm. Transformers. ick. Its a shame it was so pathetic.

Kara said...

I had heard that Transformers sucked, but now you have confirmed it. Thank you - I will not be seeing it - especially since it involves robot heaven.

tawny said...

I love July 4th too! Glad you learned how to spin your ball..your bowling ball that is.

and can't wait wait wait for sister trip...we all need some R and R time! wahoooooo.

And I think you are way to nice to your kitties....ewwwwww!

Penny said...

As perusual, you givbe me pause to think but especially to smile. I love being your "parental". Makes me feel superficialy important.
You are a good parental to hairy. Way to go!

Telstaar said...

You make me smile Miss B, a lot :) I like to smile, thankyou :)