Friday, July 24, 2009

There's Nothing Gray About Sisterhood

Thank you, oh sister of mine, for putting in a monumental effort to show the camera my thick GRAY curly pubey hairs now growing from my (soon to be MID-TWENTIES) head. Thank you for CLEARLY being the (four years older) adult in the situation, and gleefully cackling while you are pawing at my head, perusing for graysies, while I complacently (and innocently) munch a turkey roll.

What would I ever do without you? ;)


tawny said...


That actually WAS funny.

and a lil grossy.

I have only EVER found 2 of those knarly hairs. Me so lucky.

hmmmm, not sure about you my only 24 yr old sissa. j/k!

Anonymous said...

It is what it is, so you will get highlights. Piece of advice don't pull them out it makes it SO MUCH worse trust me on this. Been there done that!

michelle said...

I NEVER pull out my grays. I wear them PROUDLY. They signify... umm... uh... old age.

Laura said...

I just plucked 4 out!
But I am WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY older than you...

Brooke said...

That was WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY hilarious. You have to remember even at the happy age of(almost)29yes,four years older than you, I am still fairly immature I have to admit!

Keep pluckin' girl! You know I love you gray or otherwise :)