Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sister Trip, 2009

We came. We laughed. We saw each other's boobs. We shopped. We loved, darnit all.

We swam. A lot.
Got tan even more.

Tried to take unflattering pictures of each other (sorry Mist!)

Sported (my) headbands.

Loved our mom. Lots.

Talked. Missed our kids, but not really. Stayed at the most amazing condo ever.

Played. Admired the cute backs of our new shirts. (Doesn't Ang look like she's staring at me inadoration in this pic, I love it!)

But most of all? WE ATE. A lot. I'm still full.

My favorite thing I did, though, was hump a palm tree.

Just kidding. :)
Till next year, girls!


Telstaar said...

LOL! If I get nightmares of you humping palm trees, you are TOTALLY gonna hear about it missy!!! lol.

Soooo glad you had an awesome time and thanks heaps for the pics, I like pictures, lots and lots *mwah*

Keely said...

Yay!!! It sounded so fun. You needed a nice break too. :)

zubeldia said...

look at all you beauties!

Laura said...

where to even begin with my intense jealousy;
jealous of:
your time with your sisters
your relationship with your mother
your vacation
your beauty...ALL of
your legs...they are the length of my entire body, including my head

but I can hump a palm tree everyday..right now, in fact, if I wanted to...

hmph. not fair.

Kara said...

Thanks for the pics!

Penny said...

Oh, Brie. The memory of the trip is brought back when you post. Thanks for your contribution and explanation of the trip. We did have a fab time and I cannot believe that we have to wait about 335 days for another one. Life is foi sure unfair! But glad that you are all in my life, daughters and daughters in law!

Penny said...

P.S. What was your intent with the palm tree and your leg really does look loooong? But , on the bright side, every pic of you in a suit shows you wearing a different cute suit! Very cool.

kristin said...

Awesome! :)

michelle said...

there's something about time with sisters... always intense. mostly fun. always good

Amber said...

Very fun trip, i did love all of the shopping and the BLUE shirt you bought. PS I have lot's of gray hair too. I found my first ones at 20!

Brooke said...

I'm glad you did this post later after the trip. It was fun to see and "re-live" a little. Cute pics. Especially the pic with the girl in the pink-flowered headband. What was her name?

Any-hoo. Cute as a button.
You are. Yes you are. The girl with the blue feathered headband.