Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blogxygen’s taking a Breather

Hello readers,

I think my b to the log might be taking a small breather. Just a little pause, is all. And, knowing me, this breather could last as little as a day or as long as a few weeks.

I just don’t feel like I’m really writing anything beneficial for you, or for me. People don’t seem interested, and frankly, I don’t feel very interested. I have nothing really to write about at the moment. Nothing new other than medical shiz and weight gain, boring boring bo boring.

I have those questions a bunch of you asked me, but when I answer them, no one seems interested and I’m sure as hell not answering them for my own sake! So whatever.

So I think I’ll go out and ripstick, or do some yoga, or read some more books, or play with Lil C in my regularly allotted blog writing time – for the time being.

But I’ll be back. I always am…


McIntyre Family said...

Hi Brie,

I'm sorry to hear you feel bored. I'm definately interested in your blog. You have a very unique and witty way of writing that is awesome!! I've enjoyed reading it so much. I'll miss you but you deserve a breather if that's what you need. :)

licketysplit said...

I'm sorry you feel as though people aren't interested. I always love hearing from you, even when I don't comment, but if a break is what you need, then a break you should have! ;)

alaskangirl05 said...

Hi Brie,

I've never commented on your blog, but i read it everyday...or at least log on once a day to look for a post. I've struggled with an eating disorder (anorexia, then bulimia) for 6 years now, and it's good to read about someone who is actively trying to recover. I do understand if you need a break from blogging.....but please don't do it just cuz you think peopel aren't interested in your posts/life/answered questions/etc.

brie said...

hi everybody,

thanks for your responses. i do appreciate them.

i'd like to clarify though, i think i sounded to whiny and needy in my post.

see, i do want a (small, or semi-longish?) break from my blog. for me, not just because i'm whining taht nobody seems interested lately. i just need to figure out what my blog is doing for me, and if it's still valuable, and if it is, what i should do with it, what i should write about.

you could call it a bit of an identiy crisis i guess...i dunno...

but i'm good. thanks for your concern, i'm sure i'll be back up and running in no time.

tawny said...

Oh stop it!!! YOu are not bloggin' breakin up with us! WE would miss you too much girl!!!!

Just take a break till sista trip is over and then come back.

YOu know tons of readers love you and need you, they relate to your blogness.

BUT, believe me. I do understand. Sometimes I totally think why am I bloggin?? I think I want to quit so I stop and then in a week or two, I know it's time to return. SO don't break-up to long or we will miss your beautifulness bloginess. (is that even a real word or phrase???)

xoxo- park today? noonish Hillcrest

lisalisa said...

I know I don't comment often but I love your blog! It's what inspired me to start blogging. It's like my favorite tv show; I always look forward to seeing what is "on".

kristin said...

I'm sorry, Brie. I am definitely interested. I will miss you while you are gone. Keep in contact on FB! :)

lots of love, kristin


Oh dear, Brie! But what will I look forward to every day, if there is no Blogxygen?? Le sigh. We hope to see you back soon! Or at least I do!

bananas said...

I am always interested in what you have to say and I always love your posts. I just don't always have anything to say in the comments! But you know I love you, and respect any decision that you make. If you need a breather, than all means, take one!

But if you quit commenting on my blog...well, you just better not! :)

I think you have so many people that love your blog and I see comments on your blog all the time about people who you affect. So don't think that your words don't make a difference, because they do.

Standing in the Rain said...

yeah i've been feeling the same way about my own blog lately. just kinda...blahhy about it, you know?

anyways, i get needing a break. you will be missed, but enjoy the time away, however short or long it may end up being.

lots of love brie!

taniia said...

hey this is tania..mexico speaking!
i love your blog. You're an awesome writter, i admire your witty writing a lot!.. u're amazing! just so you know I check ur blog evryday .. in a stalker kinda way im not gonna lie. hah

trust me u can talk about anything and turn ur words into a masterpiece :)

hope to hear from you soon again :)


Cammy said...

I just wanted to join the chorus to note that fewer comments doesn't necessarily mean people didn't read or weren't interested. I'm not a very "good commenter," in that I comment on less than 1/3 of the posts I actually read every day. I personally find you to be intriguing and witty not matter what you're talking about, even when I don't have a particularly intriguing and witty response.

That being said, sometimes we do indeed just need a break. Just make sure to take care and treat yourself kindly, Brie.

Telstaar said...

Oooh, I have no idea if I feel the same but it feels a bit similarish... actually just gonna shut up now :) hehe.

Anyway, I like reading your blog and no matter what direction it takes, I believe I will continue to do so.

Also, I have been hanging out for answers to questions hehe, but that isn't a pressure to answer them, just a note that I am interested in them if you ever feel like you would like to answer them and if you don't that's okay cause I'll ask you them over time in other ways!!! :D


Love you miss B.

bananas said...

Regarding not responding to your posts where you answered questions that others asked in comments:

I figure you got a low response rate because you were answering the questions. So, there were no questions! But I am SURE, like 100%, that everyone enjoyed reading the answers. You never got to my questions and I have no idea what I even asked anymore. Probably something boring. Everyone wants to know about how you and Brandon met and fell in love. I already heard some of the stories! :) I didn't remember the part where you came in a class late wearing heels and fell on your ass though. I think you conveniently left that out when we talked about it!

Anyway, can you tell that I love your blog and your posts, and that everyone and their dog does, and you will be missed during your hiatus? I hope so. I look forward to your blog return!!

Kara said...

I love your blog. I look forward to posts from you every day. I understand the need to take a break though. Take a break and regroup. But for selfish reasons, I hope you come back in full force. You and your blog are GREAT. I know that your blog helps a lot of people, including me.

Gena said...

I will miss reading your posts and your wicked sense of humor. I also understand the need for breaks.

Enjoy your adorable son and handsome husband. When you feel like it, come back and blog.

Have a good few weeks, or Summer, as the case may be.

Jackie said...

All of your readers are interested in whatever you have on your mind. Just remember that simply because comments are low in numbers, doesn't meant people aren't reading and caring. xoxo

Brooke said...

Yo Briester,

Hey sis. I love hearing about whatever it is you have to write. I may be a few days late, but I ALWAYS do catch up and comment. Not because I HAVE to. Because I WANT to. I love being a part of your life and this is a great way to do that.

Understand the break...the breather...sometimes it's needed. In the mean time I'm lucky because I get to see you in real person form too!!

Alexandra Rising said...

Nooo! I just found your blog tonight only to find you're leaving? I read the most recent entries and Id love to read more. I think you're a good role model for someone such as myself who is trying to recover and wants to hear positive news about recovery.

Penny said...

Its your blog that sent me into this crazy blogland so I too will miss it and hope that you return soon. You give me more to look forward to in my day! So I hope that the break is short lived! However I cannot imagine the creative pressure of blogging everyday so thanks for the memories and I look forward to more!

Abby said...

What? Now that I finally have some free time again and have decided that I've been avoiding my beloved CFC people for long enough, you're taking a break? No, but really, I'm pretty convinced that you know what's best for you (and your family and such), and I'm pretty convinced that you're beneficial to the world in all sorts of capacities all the time with or without blogging, and I hope you have a good time doing yoga or reading or playing with C or ripsticking. (I had to Google ripstick. Hm?) In any case... love you.

sona said...

Hey Brie,

I think its great that youre taking some time for yourself, fair enough, thats important for everyone. Especially with recovery etc.etc. Though just so you know, I love to read your posts and find them really helpful and entertaing and uplifting, so if its time for yourself you're taking thats fantastic, but just incase you're doubting you'll always have some quite eager blog readers by the looks of the other posts here : )
Take care, XXX

Krystle said...

Love you Brie! Do what you need to do for you, sweetie. I know what you mean about feeling blaaahhh about it though... I have been too about mine. xoxo

brie said...

Hello everyone,

Thanks all so much for the support and encouragement. I'm going out of town tomorrow morning just for the weekend with my sisters for some R&R at this fabulous resort. Maybe when I get back I'll feel rested and back to my old self and ready to blog again. At any rate, I'm thinking you can expect a blog from me again sometime next week.

thanks, xo to you all.

Laura said...

nothing ups a bloggers number of comments than announcing they will be going away. That, and a free give away. I swear, they crawl out from under rocks.

Summer blogging has a different feel, doesn't it? I thought I would have more to say, and people would have more to comment. But I have found it to be the opposite.

Go get a cold diet coke with Tawny, take the kids to the pool , have a date night with B, play outdoors...and I'll see you in a day or two! (we bloggers have an addiction, you know..we may want to stop blogging, we may need to stop blogging, but we can't...)

tawny said...

I totally agree with Laura!!

Can you come with us though???

All the way from L.A??? :)

Tanya said...

B you will be missed and I hope you enjoy your R&R. I know we need it sometimes. Just so you know I don't always get a comment out but I am always reading your gets sent to my google reader every time you write something. Hugs.